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101 North Self Titled 1988
101 North Forever yours 1991
21st Creation Break thru 1978
52nd Street Something's going on 1987
7th Wonder Climbing higher 1979
7th Wonder Thunder 1980
7th Wonder Words don't say enough 1978
8 th Day Self Titled 1983
9.9 9.9 1985
9th Creation Superheroes 1979
A Taste Of Honey A taste of honey 1978
A Taste Of Honey Twice as sweet 1980
A Taste Of Honey Another taste 1979
A Taste Of Honey Ladies of the eighties 1982
Aalon Cream city 1977
Active Force Self Titled 1983
ADC Band Brother luck 1981
ADC Band Long stroke 1978
ADC Band Reneissance 1980
ADC Band Roll with the punches 1982
ADC Band Talk that staff 1979
Adeva Adeva! 1990
After 7 Self Titled 1989
Afterbach Self Titled 1981
Ahmad Jamal Generic walk 1975
Airto Touching you..touching me 1979
Al Hudson & The Partners Cherish 1977
Al Hudson & The Partners Especially for you 1977
Al Hudson & The Partners Happy feet 1979
Al Hudson & The Partners Spreading love 1978
Al Hudson and One Way A new beginning 1988
Al Jarreau High crime 1984
Al Jarreau This time 1980
Al Jarreau Jarreau 1983
Al Jarreau Heart's horizon 1988
Al Jarreau Breakin' away 1981
Al Jarreau All fly home 1978
Al Jarreau L is for lover 1986
Al Johnson Back for more 1980
Aleem Feat. Leroy Burgess Shock 1987
Alex Bugnon Head over heels 1990
Alex Bugnon Love seson 1988
Alexander O'Neal Alexander O'Neal 1985
Alexander O'Neal All true man 1991
Alexander O'Neal Hearsay 1987
Alexander's Discotime Band Songs that were mother's 1976
Alfie That look 1986
Alfie Self Titled 1982
Alfie Be yourself 1983
Alfonzo Alfonzo 1982
Alfonzo Surrett Comin' out 1980
Alicia Myers Alicia again 1981
Alicia Myers I appreciate 1984
Alicia Myers I fooled you this time 1982
Alicia Myers Self Titled 1981
Alphonse Mouzon Early spring 1988
Alphonse Mouzon The sky is the limit 1985
Alphonse Mouzon The man incognito 1976
Alphonse Mouzon The essence of mystery 1973
Alphonse Mouzon Morning sun 1981
Alphonse Mouzon Love fantasy 1987
Alphonse Mouzon Distant lover 1982
Alphonse Mouzon By all means 1981
Alphonse Mouzon Mind transplant 1975
Alphonso Johnson Yesterdays dreams 1976
Alton McClain and Destiny Gonna tell the world 1981
Alton McClain and Destiny More of you 1980
Alvin Fields Special delivery 1981
Amii Stewart Knock on wood 1979
Amii Stewart I'm gonna get your love 1981
Amuzment Park All points bulletin 1981
Amuzment Park Amuzment park 1984
Andrae Crouch Don't give up 1982
Angela Bofill Angie 1978
Angela Bofill Intuition 1988
Angela Bofill Something about you 1981
Angela Bofill Tell me tomorrow 1985
Angela Bofill Too tough 1983
Angela Clemmons Selftitled 1982
Angela Winbush The real thing 1989
Anglo Saxon Brown Songs for evolution 1976
Anita Baker The songstress 1983
Anita Baker Compositions 1990
Anita Baker Rapture 1986
Anita Ward Song of love 1979
Anita Ward Sweet surrender 1979
Antonio Carlos Jobim Passarim 1987
Antonio Carlos Jobim Tide 1970
Apollo Selftitled 1979
Aquarium Dream Chance to dance 1979
Aquarium Dream Fantasy 1978
Archie Bell I never had it so good 1981
Archie Bell Dance your troubles away 1975
Archie Bell and the Drells Hard not to like it 1977
Archie Bell and the Drells Where will you go when the party's over 1976
Aretha Frankin Get it right 1983
Aretha Franklin Jump do it 1982
Aretha Franklin Let me in your life 1974
Aretha Franklin Love all the hurt away 1981
Aretha Franklin Who's zoomin' who? 1985
Aretha Franklin You 1975
Art Farmer The summer knows 1978
Art Farmer To Duke with love 1978
Art Farmer Something you got 1977
Art Farmer Crawl space 1977
Art Farmer Quintet At Boomers 1980
Art Farmer, Bill Evans Mode and Art 1983
Art Farmer, Jim Hall Bif blues 1979
Art Pepper John Klemmer J.Griffin Ballads by four 1981
Art Webb Love eyes 1977
Arthur Adams Love my lady 1979
Arthur Adams Midnight serenade 1977
Ashford and Simpson Real love 1986
Ashford and Simpson Send it 1977
Ashford and Simpson Street opera 1982
Ashford and Simpson Is it still good to ya 1978
Ashford and Simpson High - rize 1983
Ashford and Simpson A musical affair 1980
Ashford and Simpson Stay free 1979
Astrud Gilberto Album 1965
Astrud Gilberto Plus James last orchestra 1987
Atkins Atkins 1982
Atlantic Starr Straight to the point 1979
Atlantic Starr We are movin' up 1989
Atlantic Starr Radiant 1980
Atlantic Starr Brilliance 1982
Atlantic Starr Atlantic Starr 1978
Atlantic Starr All in the name of love 1987
Atlantic Starr Yours forever 1983
Attitude Pump the nation 1983
Auracle City Slikers 1979
Aurra Aurra 1980
Aurra A little love 1982
Aurra Live and let live 1983
Aurra Send your love 1981
Autumn Arrival 1984
Average White Band Feel no fret 1979
Average White Band Soulsearching 1976
Average White Band Shine 1980
Average White Band Wearmer communication 1978
Average White Band Cut the cake 1975
Average White Band Cupid's in fashion 1982
Average White Band Selftitled 1974
Average White Band Put it Where you Want it 1975
Average White Band & Ben E. King Benny and us 1977
Azar Lawrence Shadow dancing 1985
Azymuth Flame 1984
Azymuth Tightrope Walker 1986
Azymuth Telecommunication 1982
Azymuth Spectrum 1985
Azymuth Rapid Transit 1983
Azymuth Light as a Feather 1979
Azymuth Crazy Rhithm 1988
Azymuth Cascades 1982
Azymuth Carioca 1989
Azymuth Outubro 1980
B.Baker Chocolate Co. B.Baker chocolate co. 1979
B.T.Express Greatest Hits 1980
B.T.Express Keep it up 1982
B.T.Express Non-stop 1975
B.T.Express Energy to burn 1976
B.T.Express Do it 1974
B.T.Express 1980 1980
B.T.Express Shout! 1978
B.T.Express Function at the junction 1977
Baby Brother Baby Brother 1981
Band A.K.A. Band aka 1981
Band A.K.A. Man of the music 1983
Bar- Kays Dangerous 1984
Bar- Kays Too hot to stop 1976
Bar- Kays Propositions 1982
Bar- Kays Nightcruising 1981
Bar- Kays Light of life 1978
Bar- Kays Hying high on your love 1977
Bar- Kays Contagious 1987
Bar- Kays Banging the wall 1985
Bar- Kays As one 1980
Bar- Kays Animal 1989
Bar- Kays Injoy 1979
Barber Shop Soundtrack 2002
Bar-Kays Money talks 1978
Barry White Beware! 1981
Barry White The man 1978
Barry White The right night and Barry White 1987
Barry White Sweet music 1980
Barry White Change 1982
Barry White Dedicated 1983
Barry White The message is love 1979
Barry White Songs I sing 1977
Barry White Sing for someone you love 1977
Barry White No limit on love 1974
Barry White The man is back 1989
Barry White & Glodean White Self Titled 1981
Bazuka Bazuka 1975
BB & Q Band Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens 1981
BB & Q Band Genie 1986
BB & Q Band All night long 1982
BB & Q Band Six million times 1983
Beau Williams Bodacious! 1984
Beau Williams No more tears 1986
Beau Williams Selftitled 1982
Beau Williams Stay with me 1983
Beck Family Dancin' on the celling 1979
Bell and James Only make believe 1979
Bell and James Selftitled 1978
Ben E. King Let me live in your life 1978
Ben E. King Supernatural 1975
Ben E. King I had a love 1976
Ben E. King Street tough 1981
Ben E. King Music trance 1980
Bernard Edwards Glad to be here 1983
Bernard Wright Funky beat 1983
Bernard Wright Nard 1981
Bert Robinson I promise you love 1989
Bert Robinson No more cold nights 1987
Betty Wright Mother Wit 1987
Betty Wright Travelin' in circle 1979
Betty Wright Selftitled 1981
Betty Wright Back to you 1983
Betty Wright Sevens 1986
Beverly Johnson Don't lose the feeling 1979
B-H-Y Mix by Bobby "DJ" Guttadaro 1979
Bill Evans Re: Person I knew 1981
Bill Evans You must believe in spring 1981
Bill Evans New Conversations 1978
Bill Evans The village Vanguard sessions 1973
Bill Evans Quintessence 1977
Bill Evans New Jazz Conceptions ????
Bill Evans At the Montreux Jazz Festival ????
Bill Evans Alone Again ????
Bill Evans We will meet again 1980
Bill Evans Alone ????
Bill Evans Album ????
Bill Evans Affinity 1979
Bill Evans Eloquence 1982
Bill Evans Trio Crosscurrents 1978
Bill Evans Trio I will say goodbye 1980
Bill Hardman Focus 1984
Bill Hardman Politely 1982
Bill Henderson Street of Dreams 1979
Bill Summers & Summers Heat Seventeen 1982
Bill Summers & Summers Heat On sunshine 1979
Bill Summers & Summers Heat London style 1983
Bill Summers & Summers Heat Jam the box! 1981
Bill Summers & Summers Heat Call it what you want 1981
Bill Summers & Summers Heat Cayenne 1977
Bill Withers Watching you watching me 1985
Bill Withers 'Bout Love 1978
Bill Withers Greatest hits 1981
Bill Withers Just as I am 1985
Bill Withers Justments 1974
Bill Withers Menagerie 1977
Bill Withers Naked and Warm 1976
Bill Wolfer Wolf 1982
Billy Always Self Titled 1982
Billy Butler Sugar Candy Lady 1977
Billy Cobham Smokin' 1983
Billy Cobham Spectrum 1973
Billy Cobham Simplicity of expression 1978
Billy Cobham Observations 1982
Billy Cobham Magic 1977
Billy Cobham Inner Conflicts 1978
Billy Cobham Crosswinds 1974
Billy Cobham B.C. 1979
Billy Cobham A funky thide of sings 1975
Billy Cobham Warning 1985
Billy Cobham Life and Times 1976
Billy Griffin Respect 1983
Billy Griffin Systematic 1985
Billy Griffin Be with me 1982
Billy Ocean Inner feelings 1982
Billy Ocean Love zone 1986
Billy Ocean Nights 1981
Billy Ocean Suddenly 1984
Billy Ocean Tear down these walls 1988
Billy Ocean City limit 1980
Billy Paul Live in Europe 1974
Billy Paul Only the strong survive 1977
Billy Paul First Class 1979
Billy Paul Let'em in 1976
Billy Paul When Love is new 1975
Billy Preston A whole new thing 1977
Billy Preston Late at night 1979
Billy Preston On the air 1984
Billy Preston Pressin'on 1982
Billy Preston and Syreeta Self titled 1981
Black Heat Self Titled 1972
Black Ice I judge the funk 1979
Black Ice Selftitled 1977
Black Ice Black Ice 1982
Black Velvet Love city 197?
Blackbyrds Action 1977
Blackbyrds Better days 1980
Blackbyrds City life 1975
Blackbyrds Night grooves 1978
Blackivory Hangin' heavy 1979
Blackivory Selftitled 1976
Blackivory Then and now 1984
Blackwell Boogie down! 1978
Bloodstone Party 1984
Bloodstone We go a long way back 1982
Bloodstone Don't stop 1978
Bloodstone Do you wanna thing? 1976
Bloodstone Unreal 1973
Blowfly Disco
Blowfly In the temple of doom 1984
Blowfly Porno freak 1981
Blowfly Rappin' Dancin' and laughin' 1980
Blue Magic Mystic dragons 1976
Blue Magic Magic 1983
Blue Mitchell African Violet 1977
Blue Mitchell Graffiti Blues ????
Bob Baldwin Rejoice 1990
Bob Brookmeyer And Friends ????
Bob James Obsession 1986
Bob James The genie 1983
Bob James Three 1976
Bob James Two 1975
Bob James Sigh of times 1981
Bob James Rameau 1984
Bob James Ivory coast 1988
Bob James Heads 1977
Bob James H 1980
Bob James Grand piano canyon 1990
Bob James 4 1977
Bob James 12 1984
Bob James Touchdown 1978
Bob James Lucky seven 1979
Bob James and Earl Klugh One on one 1979
Bob James David Sanborn Double vision 1986
Bob Mover, Rufus Reid, Bibby Ward In the true tradition 1981
Bobbi Humphrey The good life 1979
Bobbi Humphrey City Beat 1988
Bobbi Humphrey Freestyle 1978
Bobbi Humphrey Taylor made 1977
Bobbi Walker Bobbi Walker 1982
Bobbi Walker Diamond in the rough 1980
Bobby Broom Clean sweep 1981
Bobby Broom Livin' for the beat 1984
Bobby Brown Dance! Ya know it! 1989
Bobby Brown Don't be cruel 1988
Bobby Brown King of stage 1986
Bobby Caldwell Bobby Caldwell 1978
Bobby Caldwell Carry on 1982
Bobby Glover Bad Bobby Glover 1984
Bobby Hutcherson Solo Quartet 1982
Bobby Hutcherson Color Schemes 1986
Bobby Hutcherson The view from the inside 1977
Bobby Hutcherson Un poco loco 1980
Bobby Hutcherson Spiral 1979
Bobby Hutcherson Linger lane 1975
Bobby Hutcherson Highway one 1978
Bobby Hutcherson Conception 1979
Bobby Hutcherson Process on ????
Bobby Hutcherson Good bait 1985
Bobby Lyle Ivory dreams 1989
Bobby Lyle New warrior 1978
Bobby Lyle Night Fire 1979
Bobby Nunn Private party 1983
Bobby Nunn Second to nunn 1982
Bobby Thurston You got what it takes 1980
Bobby Womack The poet II 1984
Bobby Womack The poet 1981
Bobby Womack So many rivers 1985
Bobby Womack I don't know what the world is coming to 1975
Bobby Womack Roads of life 1979
Bobo Self Titled 1979
Bohannon Drive 1983
Bohannon Too hot to hold 1979
Bohannon Summertime Groove 1978
Bohannon Phaze II 1977
Bohannon One step ahead 1980
Bohannon Fever 1982
Bohannon Goin' for another one 1981
Bohannon Cut loose 1979
Bohannon Music in the air 1980
Bootsy Collins He one giveth 1982
Bootsy Collins Player of the year 1978
Bootsy Collins Ultra wave 1980
Bootsy Collins What's Bootsy doin' 1988
Bootsy's Rubber Band Ahh, the name is Bootsy Baby 1977
Bootsy's Rubber Band This boot is made for fonk-n 1979
Booty People Self Titled 1977
Boppers Boppers 1978
Brainstorm Journey to the light 1978
Brainstorm Stormin 1977
Brainstorm Funky entertaintment 1979
Brand new funk Sylvia presents BNF 1978
Brandi Wells 21st Century fox 1985
Brandi Wells Watch out 1981
Brass Construction Conversation 1983
Brass Construction 6 1980
Brass Construction Renegades 1984
Brass Construction III 1977
Brass Construction II 1976
Brass Construction 4 1978
Brass Construction Attitudes 1982
Brass Construction Brass Construction 1975
Brass Construction 5 1979
Brass Construction Conquest 1985
Breakwater Self Titled 1978
Breakwater Splashdown 1980
Brecker Brothers Self Titled 1975
Brecker Brothers Straphangin' 1981
Brecker Brothers Détente 1980
Brecker Brothers Band Back to back 1976
Brekin' Soundtrack 1984
Brenda and the Big Dudes Weekend Special 1986
Brenda Russell Brenda Russel 1979
Brenda Russell Get There 1988
Brenda Russell Two eyes 1983
Brick Too tuff 1988
Brick Summer heat 1981
Brick Waiting on you 1980
Brick Good high 1976
Brick Brick 1977
Brick After 5 1982
Brick Stoneheart 1979
Brides of Funkenstein Never buy texas from cowboy 1979
Bronner Brothers Selftitled 1983
Brother to brother Let your mind be free 1976
Brother to brother Shades in creation 1977
Brother-Hood Brotherhood 1978
Brothers Johnson Right on time 1977
Brothers Johnson Winners 1981
Brothers Johnson Out of control 1984
Brothers Johnson Light up the night 1980
Brothers Johnson Blam!!! 1978
Brothers Johnson Kickin' 1988
Brothers Johnson Look out for n.1 1976
Bunny Singler I always wanted to sing 1979
Burgess Gardner Music Year 2000 1983
Busta Jones Self Titled 1980
Buster Williams Dream come true 1980
C.J.& Co. Deadeye Dick 1978
C.J.& Co. Devil's gun 1977
Cabo Trio Self Titled 1987
Cabo Trio Right on the money 1986
Cameo Real men… wear black 1990
Cameo We all know who we are 1977
Cameo Word up 1986
Cameo Style 1983
Cameo Single life 1985
Cameo She's strange 1984
Cameo Secret omen 1979
Cameo Feel me 1980
Cameo Cardiac arrest 1977
Cameo Cameosis 1980
Cameo Alligator woman 1982
Cameo Machismo 1988
Cameo Knight of the sound table 1981
Cameo Ugly ego 1978
Captain Sky Pop goes captain 1979
Captain Sky Concerned party No.1 1980
Carl Anderson Self titled 1986
Carl Anderson Protocol 1985
Carl Anderson Pieces of a heart 1990
Carl Anderson Absence with out love 1982
Carl Anderson On & on 1984
Carl Carlton Private Property 1985
Carl Carlton Self titled 1980
Carl Carlton The bad c.c 1982
Carlis Munro I was made for love 1979
Carmen Lundy Good morning kiss 1986
Carmen McRae Can't hide love 1976
Carol Douglas Burnin' 1978
Carol Douglas Come into my life 1979
Carol Douglas Full Bloom 1977
Carrie Lucas Horsin' around 1984
Carrie Lucas In danceland 1979
Carrie Lucas Portrait of Carrie 1980
Carrie Lucas Steel in love 1982
Carrie Lucas Street corner- symphony 1978
Casey Jones Still kickin' 1983
Cashflow Cashflow 1986
Cashmere Cashmere 1984/85
Cashmere Let the music turn you on 1983
Casiopea Eyes of the mind 1981
CeCe Rogers Self Titled 1989
Cedar Walton Beyond mobius 1976
Central Line Breaking point 1981
Central Line Choice 1983/84
Century 22 Flight 2201 1985
Cerrone Love in c mirror 1977
Cerrone Back Track 8 1982
Chaka Khan What cha gonna do for me 1981
Chaka Khan Naughty 1980
Chaka Khan I feel for you 1984
Chaka Khan Chaka 1976
Chameleon Chameleon 1979
Champaigh How 'bout us 1981
Champaigh IV 1990
Champaigh Modern heart 1983
Champaigh Woman in frames 1984
Change Sharing your love 1982
Change This is your time 1983
Change The glow of love 1980
Change Miricles 1981
Change Change of heart 1984
Change Turn on your radio 1985
Chanson Self titled 1978
Chanson Together we stand 1979
Chapter 8 Chapter 8 1979
Chapter 8 Forever 1988
Chapter 8 This love's for real 1985
Charles Earland Earland's jam 1982
Charles Earland The great pyramid 1976
Charles Earland Perceptions 1978
Charles Earland Third degree burn 1989
Charles Earland Revelation 1977
Charles Earland Street themes 1983
Charles Earland Coming to you live 1980
Charles Jackson Passionate breezes 1978
Charles Veal Believe it! 1981
Charles Veal Only the best 1980
Charlie Earland Mama roots 1978
Charlie Haden In angel city 1988
Charlie Rouse Band Cinnamon flower 1977
Checkmates We got the move 1977
Cheri Love stew 1983
Cherrelle Fragile 1984
Cherrelle High priority 1985
Cherrelle Affair 1988
Cheryl Lynn Whatever it takes 1989
Cheryl Lynn Cheryl Lynn 1978
Cheryl Lynn In love 1979
Cheryl Lynn In the night 1981
Cheryl Lynn Instant love 1982
Cheryl Lynn It's gonna be right 1985
Cheryl Lynn Preppie 1983
Cheryl Lynn Start Over 1987
Chet Atkins Stay tuned 1985
Chew See the light 1983
Chic Believer 1983
Chic C'est chic 1978
Chic Real people 1980
Chic Risque 1979
Chic Take it off 1981
Chic Tongue in 1982
Chick Corea Secret agent 1978
Chick Donald Walter and Woodnow Woody Herman Band 1978
Chico DeBarge Kiss serious 1987
Chico Freeman Tradition in transition 1982
Chi-Lites The fantastic 1977
Chi-Lites Steppin' out 1984
Chi-Lites Bottom's up 1983
Chi-Lites Me and you 1981
Chocolate Jam Co. The spread of the future 1979
Chocolate Milk Self titled 1976
Chocolate Milk Blue jeans 1981
Chocolate Milk Comin' 1976
Chocolate Milk Friction 1982
Chocolate Milk Hipnotism 1980
Chocolate Milk Milky way 1979
Chocolate Milk We're all in this together 1977
Chops Chops 1984
Chris Jasper Superbad 1987
Chuck Booker Chuck 1989
Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers Bustin' loose 1979
Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers Funk express 1980
Chuck Mangione Fun and Games 1980
City Limits Self Titled 1976
Clarke/Duke Project 1981
Clarke/Duke Project II 1983
Claudja Barry Barry 1978
Claudja Barry Sweet Dynamite 1977
Claudja Barry I wanna be loved by you ????
Claudja Barry I, Claudja 1987
Clay Hunt Part one 1981
Cleavlend Eaton Instant hip 1976
Cleveland Eaton and the Garden of Eaton Keep love alive 1979
Cliff Dawson Never say I do 1982/83
Club Nouveau Life,love and pain 1986
Club Nouveau Listen to the message 1988
Coffee Slippin' and dippin' 1980
Coffee Second cup 1982
Cold Fire Too cold 1981
Collage Get in touch 1983
Collage Do you like our music? 1981
Colonel Abrams Colonel Abrams 1985
Colonel Abrams You and me equals us 1987
Color me Badd Awakening 1998
Commodores Machine gun 1974
Commodores 13 1983
Commodores Self titled 1977
Commodores Rock solid 1988
Commodores Natural high 1978
Commodores Midnight magic 1979
Commodores In the pocket 1981
Commodores Hot on the tracks 1976
Commodores Heroes 1980
Commodores Caught in the act 1975
Commodores Movin' on 1975
Con Funk Shun Self titled 1976
Con Funk Shun Burnin' love 1986
Con Funk Shun Touch 1980
Con Funk Shun To the max 1982
Con Funk Shun Secrets 1977
Con Funk Shun Spirit of love 1980
Con Funk Shun Love shine 1978
Con Funk Shun Fever 1983
Con Funk Shun Electric lady 1985
Con Funk Shun Candy 1979
Con Funk Shun 7 1981
Con Funk Shun Organized 1978
Controllers Next in line 1980
Controllers Stay 1986
Controllers Just in time 1989
Controllers For the love of my woman 1987
Controllers Controllers 1984
Controllers Fill your life with love 1978
Controllers In control 1977
Cornell Dupree Shadow dancing 1978
Coryell/Mouzon Back together again 1977
Crackin' Special touch 1978
Crackin' Crackin' 1977
Creative Source Self Titled 1973
Creative Source Consider the Source 1976
Creative Source Pass the feelin' on 1975
Creme D' Cocoa Funked up 1978
Crowd Pleasers Crowd pleasers 1979
Crown Heights Affair Sure shot 1980
Crown Heights Affair Dance lady dance 1979
Crown Heights Affair Think positive! 1982
Crown Heights Affair Dreaming a dream 1975
Crown Heights Affair Do it your way 1976
Crown Heights Affair Dream world 1978
Crown Heights Affair Struck gold 1983
Crusaders Street life 1979
Crusaders Images 1978
Crusaders The good and bad times 1986
Crusaders Standing tall 1981
Crusaders Souther Comfort 1974
Crusaders Rhapsody and blues 1980
Crusaders Life in the modern world 1988
Crusaders Ghetto blaster 1984
Crusaders Chain reaction 1975
Crusaders Uh huh 1967
Curtis Hairston Curtis Hairston 1986
Curtis Mayfield Love is the place 1981
D.J.Rodgers Love brought me back 1978
D.J.Rodgers The message is still the same 1980
D.J.Rodgers Trust me 1979
Dalton and Dubarri Choice 1979
Dan Siegel Northern nights 1987
Dan Siegel Oasis 1981
Dan Siegel Dan Siegel 1982
Dave Cruisin Mountain dance 1980
Dave Cruisin Migration 1989
Dave Cruisin & NYLA Dream band Self titled 1982
Dave Grusin Cinemagic 1987
Dave Grusin Live in Japan 1981
Dave Grusin Night-Lines 1984
Dave Grusin One of a kind 1978/84
Dave Grusin Out of the shadows 1982
Dave Grusin and Lee Ritenour Harlequin 1985
Dave Grusin, Don Grusin Stick and stones 1988
Dave Valentin In love's time 1982
Dave Valentin The hawk 1979
Dave Valentin Pied piper 1981
Dave Valentin Mind Time 1987
Dave Valentin Land of the wild eye 1980
Dave Valentin Jungle garden 1985
Dave Valentin Flute juice 1983
Dave Valentin Kalahari 1984
David Benoit Every step of the way 1988
David Benoit Freedom at midnight 1987
David Benoit This side up 1985
David Hudson To you honey, honey with love 1980
David Newman Concrete Jungle 1978
David Newman Mr. Fathead 1976
David Newman Keep the dream alive 1978
David Newman Front money 1977
David Newman Heads up 1987
David Oliver Here's to you 1980
David Oliver Jamarican man 1977
David Oliver Mind magic 1978
David Ruffin Everything's coming up love 1976
David Ruffin Gentleman Ruffin 1980
David Ruffin So soon we change 1979
David Ruffin Who I am 1975
David Sanborn As we speak 1982
David Sanborn Taking Off 1975
David Sanborn Straight to the heart 1984
David Sanborn Hideaway 1980
David Sanborn Heart to heart 1978
David Sanborn Backstreet 1983
David Sanborn A change of heart 1987
David Sanborn Close up 1988
David Simmons The world belongs to me 1979
David T. Walker On love 1976
Dayton Selftitled 1980
Dayton This time 1985
Dayton Hot fun 1982
Dayton Feel the music 1983
Dayton Cutie pie 1981
Dazz Band Invitation to love 1980
Dazz Band Joystick 1983
Dazz Band Jukebox 1984
Dazz Band Keep it live 1982
Dazz Band Let the music play 1981
Dazz Band On the one 1982
Dazz Band Rock the room 1988
Dealers Self Titled 1985
DeBarges All this love 1982
DeBarges The De Barges 1981
DeBarges In a special way 1983
DeBarges Rhythm of the night 1985
Deborah Washington Love awaits 1979
Debra Laws Very special 1981
Deco Fresh idea 1983
Dee Dee Bridgewater Bad for me 1979
Dee Dee Bridgewater Self titled 1980
Dee Edwards Heavy love 1979
Dee Edwards Two hearts are better than one 1980
Deele Eyes of a stranger 1987
Deele Material thangz 1985
Deele Street beat 1983
Deja (formerly Aurra) Made to be together 1988
Deja (formerly Aurra) Serious 1087
Delegation Delegation 1980
Delegation II 1981
Delegation The promise of love 1976/77
Dells Whatever turns you on 1981
Dells I touched a dream 1980
Dells New Beginning 1978
Dells One step closer 1984
Deniece Williams When love comes calling 1979
Deniece Williams This is Niecy 1976
Deniece Williams Niecy 1982
Deniece Williams My melody 1981
Deniece Williams I'm so proud 1983
Deniece Williams As good as it gets 1988
Deniece Williams Hot on the trail 1986
Denise La Salle I'm so hot 1980
Denise La Salle The bitch is bad 1977
Denise La Salle Under the influence 1978
Dennis Coffey Back home 1977
Dennis Coffey Under the moonlight 1989
Dennis Coffey Motor City Magic 1986
Dennis Coffey Band As sweet taste of sin 1978
Dennis Coffey Trio Hair and things ????
Dennis Edwards Coolin' out 1985
Dennis Edwards Don't look any further 1984
Deodato Love island 1978
Deodato Very together 1976
Deodato Prelude 1972
Deodato Motion 1984
Deodato Knights of fantasy 1979
Deodato Happy hour 1982
Deodato First cuckoo 1975
Deodato 2001 1972
Deodato Night cruiser 1980
Detroit Emeralds Let's get together 1978
Dexter Gordon Great encounters 1979
Dexter Gordon Quartet manhattan Symphonie 1978
Dexter Wansel Voyager 1978
Dexter Wansel Time is slipping away 1979
Diana Ross Silk Electric 1982
Diana Ross Why do fools fall in love 1981
Diana Ross The boss 1979
Diana Ross Red hot rhythm and blues 1987
Diana Ross eaten alive 1985
Diana Ross Ross 1983
Dianne Reeves Self titled 1987
Dick Smith Initial thrust 1983
Dillard and Boyce We're in this together 1980
Doc Powell Love is where it's at 1987
Doc Severinsen Brand new thing 1977
Don Blackman Don Blackman 1982
Don Downing Doctor boogie 1978
Don Patterson Why not 1978
Don Pullen Tomorrow's promises 1977
Donald Byrd New Perspective ????
Donald Byrd Stepping into tomorrow 1975
Donald Byrd Thank you for f.u.m.l 1978
Donald Byrd Step high ????
Donald Byrd Places and spaces 1975
Donald Byrd I'm trying to get home ????
Donald Byrd Chant 1979
Donald Byrd Caricatures 1975
Donald Byrd At the half note café ????
Donald Byrd Black byrd 1973
Donald Byrd Long Green 1976
Donald Byrd & 125th street NYC Love byrd 1981
Donald Byrd & 125th street NYC Sellf titled 1979
Donald Byrd & 125th street NYC Words,sounds,colors & shapes 1982
Donald Byrd, John Jenkins Star eyes 1978
Donna Allen Perfect timing 1986
Donna Allen Heaven on earth 1988
Donna Washington Just for you 1982
Donna Washington For the sake of love 1986
Donna Washington Going for the glow 1981
Donny Hathaway In performance 1980
Donny McCullough From the heart 1979
Double Explosure Locker room 1979
Dr. Hook Sometimes you win 1979
Dr.York New York 1985
Dramatics Joy ride 1976
Dramatics Somewhere in time 1986
Dramatics The dramatics way 1980
Dramatics New dimension 1982
Dramatics Do what you wanna do 1978
Dramatics Any time , any place 1979
Dramatics 10 1/2 1980
Dramatics Shake it well 1977
Dramatics Drama V 1975
Dream Machine Dream machine 1981
Dreamboy Dreamboy 1983
Dreams Self Titled ????
Drifters Too hot 1982
Dr's Groovin' on the grace 1983
D-Train Music 1983
D-Train Something's on your mind 1984
D-Train Miricles of the heart 1986
D-Train In your eyes 1988
D-Train You're the one for me 1982
Dunn & Bruce Street Official business 1982
Dynasty Adventures in the land of music 1980
Dynasty Out of control 1988
Dynasty Right back at cha! 1982
Dynasty The second adventure 1981
Dynasty Your piece of the rock 1979
Earl Hines The legendary little theater concert 1979
Earl Klugh Nightsongs 1984
Earl Klugh Wishful thinking 1984
Earl Klugh Whispers and promices 1989
Earl Klugh Soda fontain shuffle 1985
Earl Klugh Living inside your love 1976
Earl Klugh Life stories 1986
Earl Klugh Late night guitar 1980
Earl Klugh Key notes 1985
Earl Klugh Dream come true 1980
Earl Klugh Crazy for you 1981
Earl Klugh Selftitled 1976
Earl Klugh And Bob James Two of a kind 1982
Earons Hear on earth 1984
Earth Wind & Fire Open your eyes 1974
Earth Wind & Fire Touch the world 1987
Earth Wind & Fire Spirit 1976
Earth Wind & Fire Power lights 1982
Earth Wind & Fire Last dance and time 1972
Earth Wind & Fire I am 1979
Earth Wind & Fire Another time 1974
Earth Wind & Fire Raise ! 1981
East Coast East coast 1978/79
East Coast Offering East coast offering 1984
East Coast Offering Walkin' with you 1985
Eastbound Expressway Selftitled 1979
Ebonee Webb Ebonne Webb 1981
Ebonee Webb Too hot 1983
Eddie Harris Bad luck is all I have 1975
Eddie Harris That's way you're overweight 1976
Eddie Harris Is it in 1974
Eddie Harris I'm tired of driving 1978
Eddie Henderson Comin' through 1977
Eddie Henderson Heritage 1976
Eddie Henderson Inside out 1974
Eddie Henderson Mahal 1978
Eddie Henderson Runnin' to your love 1979
Eddie Horan Love the way you love me 1978
Eddie Kendricks Something more 1979
Eddie Kendricks The hit man 1975
Eddie Kendricks Love keys 1981
Eddie Kendricks Goin' up in smoke 1976
Eddie Murphy How could it be 1985
Eddie Murphy Selftitled 1982
Eddie Murphy So happy 1989
Eddie Murphy Comedian 1983
Eddie Robinson Reflection of the man inside 1974
Edwin Starr Stronger that you think I am 1980
El De Barge Gemini 1989
Eleventh House Level one 1975
Eleventh House Selftitled 1985
Eloise Selftitled 1977
Eloise Laws All in time 1982
Elusion All toys break 1981
Elusion feat. Limon Wilson Show and tell 1982
Emotions Come into our world 1979
Emotions Flowers 1976
Emotions New affair 1981
Emotions Rejoice 1977
Emotions Sincerely 1984
Emotions Sunshine 1977
Empress Selftitled 1981
Enchantment Enchantment lady 1982
Enchantment Utopia 1983
Enchantment Soft light, sweet music 1980
Enchantment Journey to the land of .. 1979
Enchantment Enchantment 1976
Enchantment Once upon a dream 1977
Energetics Come down to earth 1979
Eramus Hall Gohead 1984
Eric Gable Caught in the act 1989
Eric Gale Touch of silk 1980
Eric Mercury Gimme a call sometime 1981
Ernie Henry Presenting E.H. 1984
Ernie Johnson Just in time 1985
Ernie Watts Musican 1985
Ernie Watts Chariots & fire 1982
Ernie Watts Look in your heart 1980
Esther Phillips Good black is hard to crack 1981
Esther Williams Bustin out 1978
Esther Williams Inside of me 1981
Eugene Records Trying to get you 1978
Eugene Records Welcome to my fantacy 1979
Eugene Wilde Eugene Wilde 1984
Eugene Wilde Serenade 1985
Evelyn Champagne King Call on me 1980
Evelyn Champagne King The girl next door 1989
Evelyn Champagne King So romantic 1984
Evelyn Champagne King Smooth talk 1977
Evelyn Champagne King Music box 1979
Evelyn Champagne King I'm in love 1981
Evelyn Champagne King Get loose 1982
Evelyn Champagne King Face to face 1983
Evelyn Champagne King A long time coming 1985
Evelyn Champagne King Flirt 1988
Faith Hope And Charity Selftitled 1978
Fallen Angel Go for the ride 1983
Fame Soundtrack 1982
Fame Soundtrack 1980
Fantastic Four Bring your own funk 1978
Fantasy Selftitled 1981
Fantasy Sex and material possessions 1982
Fat Larry's Band Breakin' out 1982
Fat Larry's Band Feel it 1976
Fat Larry's Band Lookin' for love 1979
Fat Larry's Band Off the wall 1977
Fat Larry's Band Stand up 1980
Fatback Fired up 'n'kickin' 1978
Fatback With love 1983
Fatback Tasty jam 1981
Fatback So delicious 1985
Fatback Raising hell 1975
Fatback Phoenix 1984
Fatback On the floor with Fatback 1982
Fatback NYC NYUSA 1977
Fatback Man with the band 1977
Fatback Is this the future? 1983
Fatback Gigolo 1981
Fatback XII 1979
Fatback Brite lites big city 1979
Fatback 14 karat 1980
Fatback Hot box 1980
Fattburger Living in paradice 1988
Fattburger Good news 1987
Faze-O Breakin' the funk 1979
Faze-O Good thang 1978
Faze-O Riding high 1977
Fiesta Selftitled 1978
Finis Henderson Finis 1983
Finished Touch Need to know you better 1978
First Love Love at first sight 1982
Five Special Trak'n 1981
Five Special Five special 1979
Five Special Special edition 1980
Flakes Selftitled 1981
Flavor In good taste 1976
FLB Spacin' out 1978
Floaters Into the future 1979
Floaters Magic 1978
Floaters Selftitled 1977
Floaters and Shu-Ga Get ready for 1981
Flora Purim Love reborn 1980
Flora Purim Nothing will be as it was 1977
Flora Purim Open you eyes you can fly 1976
Forecast I 1982
Four Tops The show must go on 1977
Four Tops At the top 1978
Four Tops Back where I belong 1983
France Joli Selftitled 1979
France Joli Tonight 1980
Frank Hooker & Positive People Frank Hooker & Positive People 1981
Frank Lowe Fresh 1975
Frankie Smith Children of tomorrow 1981
Fred Paris And The Satins Selftitled 1982
Fred Wesley & Horny Horns Say blow by blow backwards 1979
Freddie Hubbard Liquid love 1975
Freddie Hubbard Sweet return 1983
Freddie Hubbard Skagly 1980
Freddie Hubbard Splash 1981
Freddie Hubbard Times are changing 1989
Freddie Hubbard Ride like the wind 1982
Freddie Hubbard Mistral 1981
Freddie Hubbard The love connection 1979
Freddie Hubbard Keystone bop 1982
Freddie Hubbard Keep your soul together 1973
Freddie Hubbard Intrepid fox 1981
Freddie Hubbard Hub-tones 1985
Freddie Hubbard High energy 1974
Freddie Hubbard Echoes of blue 1976
Freddie Hubbard Bundle of joy 1977
Freddie Hubbard Bolivia 1991
Freddie Hubbard Super blue 1978
Freddie Hubbard Life flight 1987
Freddie Hubbard Woody Shaw Double take 1986
Freddie Jackson Just like the first time 1986
Freddie Jackson Rock me tonight 1985
Freddie Jackson Don't let love slip away 1988
Freddie Jackson Do me again 1990
Freddie James Get up and boogie 1979
Freddie James Freddie James 1981
Fredi Grace And Rhinstone Get on your mark 1982
Free Life Free life 1978
Freedom Changes of time 1981
Freedom Free 1980
Friendship Selftitled 1979
Frisky Selftitled 1979
Funk Club Funky and then some 1989
Funk Deluxe Funk deluxe 1984
Funkadelic Uncle jam wants you 1979
Funkadelic Connections & disconnections 1981
Funkadelic One nation under a groove 1978
Fuse One Selftitled 1981
Future Flight Selftitled 1981
Futures Past, present and The Futures 1978
Futures The greetings of peace 1980
G.C.Cameron You're what's missing in y life 1977
G.Q Two 1980
G.Q Disco nights 1979
G.Q Face to face 1981
Galaxy Hot, wet and sticky 1978
Gang's Back Gang's back 1982
Gangsters Heat I ????
Gangsters Life is not easy…without you 1979
Gap Band Straight from the heart 1988
Gap Band VIII 1986
Gap Band VII 1985
Gap Band VI 1984
Gap Band V Jammin' 1983
Gap Band Selftitled 1979
Gap Band Magicians holiday 1974
Gap Band IV 1982
Gap Band II 1979
Gap Band III 1980
Garrett Morris Saturday night sweet 1980
Gary Bartz Music is my sanctuary 1977
Gary Bartz Bartz 1980
Gary Bartz Love affair 1978
Gary Taylor G.T 1983
Gavin Christopher Gavin Christopher 1979
Gayle Adams Gayle Adams 1980
Gayle Adams Love fever 1982
Gemini Rising 1981
Gene Ammonds Night lights 1985
Gene Chandler Get down 1978
Gene Chandler Here's to love 1981
Gene Dunlap It's just the way I feel 1981
Gene Dunlap Party in me 1981
Gene Dunlap Band Tired of being a nice guy 1983
Gene Harris Hot lips 1982
Gene Van Buren What's your pleasure 1982
General Caine Dangerous 1983
General Caine Get down attack II 1980
General Caine Girls 1982
General Hospi-tale Afternoon delights 1981
General Kane In full chill 1986
General Kane Wide open 1987
Generation Band Call of the wild 1984
Geoff McBride Do you still remember love 1990
George Benson Livin' inside your love 1979
George Benson Collection double LP 1981
George Benson White Rabbit 1971
George Benson While the city sleeps 1986
George Benson Weekend in L.A. 1978
George Benson Twice the love 1988
George Benson Tenderly 1989
George Benson Tell it like it is 1969
George Benson 20/20 1984
George Benson Space 1978
George Benson In your eyes 1983
George Benson In flight 1977
George Benson I got a woman and some blues 1984
George Benson Good king bad 1976
George Benson Give me the night 1980
George Benson Erotic moods 1976/78
George Benson Breezin' 1976
George Benson Blue Benson 1976
George Benson Bad Benson 1974
George Benson Take five 1979
George Benson, Earl Klugh Collaboration 1987
George Cables Cables vision 1980
George Clinton You shouldn't-nuf bit fish 1983
George Clinton Some of my best jokes are friends 1985
George Clinton R&B skeletons in the closet 1986
George Duke Pacific jazz 1978
George Duke Thief in the night 1985
George Duke The 1976 solo keyboard album 1982
George Duke Reach for it 1977
George Duke Night after night 1989
George Duke Master of the game 1979
George Duke Guardian of the light 1983
George Duke From me to you 1977
George Duke Follow the rainbow 1979
George Duke Dream on 1982
George Duke Don't let go 1978
George Duke A Brazillian love affair 1979/80
George Duke Rendevous 1984
George Howard A nice place to be 1986
George Howard Asphalt gardens 1982
George Howard Dancing in the sun 1985
George Howard Love will follow 1986
George Howard Personal 1990
George Howard Reflection 1988
George Howard Steppin' out 1984
George Shearing Brian Torff On a clear day 1980
Gerald Albright Just between us 1987
Gerald Albright Bermuda nights 1988
Gerald Alston Open Invitation 1990
Gerald Alston Selftitled 1988
Geraldine Hunt No way 1980
Gerry Woo Listen to my heart beat 1988
Gino Soccio Closer 1981
Ginuwine The life 2001
Giorge Pettus Selftitled 1987
Gladys Knight Selftitled 1979
Gladys Knight & The Pips All our love 1987
Gladys Knight & The Pips Visions 1983
Gladys Knight & The Pips The one and only 1978
Gladys Knight & The Pips That special time of the year 1982
Gladys Knight & The Pips Life 1985
Gladys Knight & The Pips About love 1980
Gladys Knight & The Pips Still together 1977
Glass Featuring John Williams 1983
Glen Goldsmith What you see is what you get 1988
Glenn Jones Take it from me 1986
Glenn Jones All for you 1990
Glenn Jones Everybody loves a winner 1983
Glenn Jones Finesse 1984
Glenn Jones Selftitled 1987
Gloria Estefan Let it loose 1987
Gloria Gaynor Glorious 1977
Gloria Gaynor I am G.G. 1984
Gloria Gaynor I have a right 1979
Gloria Gaynor I kinda like me 1981
Gloria Gaynor Love tracks 1978
Gloria Gaynor Stories 1980
Gonzalez Move it to the music 1979
Goodie Call me Goodie 1982
Goodie I wanna be your man 1985
Goodmoma Here 1981
Goody Goody Selftitled 1981
Great Jazz Trio KJLH 1978
Great Jazz Trio New wine in old bottles 1978
Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie 1979
Gregg Diamond Hot butterfly 1978
Gregory Abbott I'll prove it to you 1988
Gregory Abbott Shake you down 1986
Grey & Hanks Prime time 1980
Grey & Hanks You fooled me 1978
Grover Washington Strawberry moon 1987
Grover Washington Come morning 1981
Grover Washington Winelight 1980
Grover Washington The best is yet to come 1982
Grover Washington Time out of mind 1989
Grover Washington Paradise 1979
Grover Washington Reed seed 1978
Grover Washington Skylarkin' 1980
Grover Washington Jr. A secret place 1976
Grover Washington Jr. All the king horses 1972
Grover Washington Jr. Feels so good 1975
Grover Washington Jr. Mister Magic 1975
Grover Washington Jr. Side star 1983
Guy The future 1990
Guy Selftitled 1988
Gwen Guthrie Selftitled 1982
Gwen Guthrie Portrait 1983
Gwen Guthrie Lifeline 1988
Gwen Guthrie Just for you 1985
Gwen Guthrie Good to go lover 1986
Gwen Guthrie Hot times 1990
Gwen McCrae On my way 1982
Gwen McCrae Self titled 1981
Gypsy Lane Predictions 1978
Halloween Come see what it's all about 1979
Hank Crawford Don't you worry 'bout a thing 1974
Hank Crawford Cajun sunrise 1979
Hank Jones Tip toe tapdance 1978
Harari Harari 1981
Harold Mevin and the Blue Notes Reaching for the world 1976
Harold Mevin and the Blue Notes Now is the time 1977
Harold Mevin and the Blue Notes The blue album 1980
Harold Mevin and the Blue Notes Talk it up (tell everybody) 1984
Harvey Mason M.V.P 1981
Harvey Mason Marching in the street 1975
Harvey Mason Groovin' you 1979
Harvey Mason Funk in a Mason jar 1977
Harvey Mason Earth mover 1976
Harvey Scales Hotfoot a funque dizco opera 1979
Haywoode Arrival 1985
Heat Selftitled 1980
Heat Still waithing 1981
Heath Brothers Passing thru 1978
Heath Brothers In motion 1979
Heath Brothers Brotherly love 1982
Heath Brothers Brothers & others 1984
Heath Brothers Expressions of life 1981
Heatwave Central heating 1978
Heatwave Too hot to handle 1977
Heatwave Current 1982
Heatwave Candles 1980
Heaven & Earth Fantasy 1979
Heaven & Earth Heaven & earth 1978
Herb Alpert Keep your eye on me 1987
Herb Alpert Magic man 1981
Herb Alpert Wild romance 1985
Herb Alpert Blow your own horn 1983
Herb Alpert Beyond 1980
Herbie Hancock Maiden voyage 1984
Herbie Hancock Man-child 1975
Herbie Hancock Village life 1985
Herbie Hancock Sound-system 1984
Herbie Hancock Quartet 1982
Herbie Hancock Magic windows 1981
Herbie Hancock Secrets 1976
Herbie Hancock Fat Albert Rotunda ????
Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles 1987
Herbie Hancock Lite me up 1982
Herbie Hancock Sextant 1973
Herbie Hancock Takin' off 1986
Herbie Hancock Feets don't fail me now 1979
Herbie Hancock Monster 1980
Herbie Hancock Mr. Hands 1980
Herbie Hancock Sunlight 1978
Herbie Hancock Thrust 1974
Herbie Hancock Traces ????
Herbie Hancock Future shock 1983
High Energy Turnin' on 1977
High Energy Steppin' out 1978
High Energy Shoulda gone dancin' 1979
High Energy So right 1982
High Energy Groove patrol 1983
High Fashion Feelin' lucky 1982
High Fashion Make up your mind 1983
Hi-Gloss Hi-gloss 1981
Hiroshima Third generation 1983
Hiroshima Another place 1985
Hiroshima Go 1987
Hi-Tension Selftitled 1978
Hodges James & Smith What have you done for love? 1978
Hodges James & Smith What's on your mind? 1977
Hot Chocolate Every 1's a winner 1978
Houston Person The gospel soul 1978
Houston Person Heavy juice 1982
Houston Person Very PERSONal 1981
Houston Person The big horn 1979
Houston Person Wild flower 1978
Houston Person Stolen Sweets 1977
Houston Person The talk of the town 1987
Houston Person Suspicions 1980
Houston Person Person to Person! ????
Houston Person Pure pleasure 1976
Houston Person Harmony 1977
Houston Person Broken windows, empty hallways 1972
Houston Person Get out'a my way! 1975
Howard Hewett I commit to love 1986
Howard Hewett Selftitled 1990
Howard Huntsberry With love 1988
Howard Johnson Keepin' love new 1982
Howard Johnson The vision 1985
Howard Johnson Doin'it my way 1983
Howard Kenney Super star 1978
Howard Smith Totally committed 1985
Hubert Laws Make it last 1983
Hubert Laws Then there was light 1974
Hubert Laws Say it with silence 1978
Hubert Laws Land of passion 1979
Hubert Laws Family 1980
Human body Make you shake it 1984
Hunt's Determination Band Get your act together! ????
Hunt's Determination Band This is determination problems ????
I.N.D. Into new dimensions 1981
Idris Muhammad Boogie to the top 1978
Idris Muhammad Foxhuntin' 1979
Idris Muhammad House of the raising sun 1976
Idris Muhammad Make it count 1980
Idris Muhammad Power of soul 1974
Idris Muhammad You ain't no friend of mine ! 1978
Imagination Body talk 1981
Imagination Closer 1987
Impressions Loving power 1976
Impressions Fan the fire 1981
Indeep Last night a dj saved my live!!! 1983
Individuals Together 1975
Ingram Night stalkers 1984
Ingram That's all ! 1977
Ingram Would you like to fly 1983
Inner life II 1982
Inner Life I'm caught up 1979
Instant Funk Get down with the philly jump 1976
Instant Funk Look so fine 1982
Instant Funk The funk is on 1980
Instant Funk Witch doctor 1979
Instant Funk Five 1983
Instant Funk Instant funk 1979
Instant Funk Kinky 1983
Intesive Heat Selftitled 1982
Invisible Man's Band Really wanna see you 1981
Invisible Man's Band Selftitled
Isaac Hayes For the sake of love 1978
Isaac Hayes Groove a thon 1976
Isaac Hayes Hotbed 1978
Isley Brothers Go all the way 1980
Isley Brothers Masterpiece 1985
Isley Brothers The real deal 1982
Isley Brothers That lady 1973
Isley Brothers Spend the night 1989
Isley Brothers Smooth sailin' 1987
Isley Brothers Grand slam 1981
Isley Brothers Between the sheets 1983
Isley Brothers Inside you 1981
Isley Jasper Isley Caravan of love 1985
Isley Jasper Isley Broadway's closer to sunset bulvd 1984
Ivy III 1987
Ivy Hold me 1984
J.B.'s Groove machine 1979
J.B.'s Internationals Jam II disco fever 1978
J.Blackfoot City-slicker 1983
Jack McDuff Kisses 1980
Jack McDuff Lift every voice and sing ????
Jackie Mclean & Gary Bartz Ode to surer 1976
Jackie Moore I'm on my way 1979
Jacksons Five Joyful jukebox music 1976
Jacksons Five Moving violation 1975
Jacksons Five Goin' places 1977
Jacksons Five Dancing machine 1974
Jacksons Five Destiny 1978
Jaki Graham Heaven knows 1985
Jakky Boy & The Bad Bunch I've been watching you 1983
Jamaaladeen Tacuma Jukebox 1988
Jamaaladeen Tacuma Music world 1986
Jamaaladeen Tacuma Show stopper 1983
James Brown Original disco man 1979
James Brown Take a look at those cakes 1978
James Brown Soul syndrome 1980
James Brown Sex machine 1975
James Brown Nonstop 1981
James Brown Mutha's nature 1979
James Brown Jam 1980's 1978
James Brown I'm real 1988
James Brown Gravity 1986
James Brown Get up off a that thing 1976
James Brown People 1980
James Ingram It's real 1989
James Ingram It's your night 1983
James Ingram Never felt so good 1986
James Newton The African flower 1985
James Newton Luella 1983
James Robinson Guilty 1987
James Williams Alter ego 1984
Jammers The Jammers 1982
Janice Marie Johnson One taste of honey 1984
Jay Dee Come on in love 1974
Jay Hoggard Rain forest 1981
Jean Carl Trust me 1982
Jeanie Tracy Me and you 1982
Jeff Kutash & Dancing Machine Selftitled 1980
Jeff Lorber It's a fact 1982
Jeff Lorber Step by step 1985
Jeff Lorber In the heat of the night 1984
Jeff Lorber Galaxian 1981
Jeff Lorber Fusion 1977
Jeff Lorber Private passion 1986
Jeff Lorber Fusion Soft space 1978
Jeff Lorber Fusion Water sign 1979
Jeff Lorber Fusion Wizard island 1980
Jeffree Jeffree 1979
Jeffrey Osborne Only human 1990
Jeffrey Osborne Stay with me tonight 1983
Jeffrey Osborne One love - one dream 1988
Jeffrey Osborne Jeffrey Osborne 1982
Jeffrey Osborne Emotional 1986
Jeffrey Osborne Don't stop 1984
Jennifer Holliday Say you love me 1985
Jennifer Holliday Feel my soul 1983
Jenny Burton Jenny Burton 1985
Jenny Burton Souvenirs 1986
Jermaine Jackson Let's get serious 1980
Jermaine Jackson Feel the fire 1977
Jermaine Jackson Frontiers 1978
Jermaine Jackson I like your style 1981
Jermaine Jackson Jermaine 1980
Jermaine Jackson Jermaine Jackson 1984
Jermaine Jackson Let me tickle your fancy 1982
Jermaine Stewart Frantic romantic 1986
Jerry Carr This must be heaven 1981
Jerry Knight Jerry Knight 1980
Jerry Knight Love's on our side 1982
Jerry Knight Perfect fit 1981
Jessica Jennifer Williams Orgonomic music 1981
Jetstreams Around the world 1986
Jim Horn Neon nights 1980
Jimmy "Bo" Horne Dance across the floor 1978
Jimmy "Bo" Horne Goin' home for love 1979
Jimmy Castor "C" 1980
Jimmy Castor The return of Leroy 1983
Jimmy Castor The everything man 1974
Jimmy Castor Bunch 1979
Jimmy Castor Dimension III 1973
Jimmy Castor Bunch Butt of cource… 1974
Jimmy Castor Bunch E-Man Groovin' 1976
Jimmy Castor Bunch Maximum stimulation 1977
Jimmy Heath New picture 1985
Jimmy Knepper with Bill Evans Idol of the flies 1976
Jimmy McGriff City lights 1981
Jimmy Owens Headin' home 1978
Jimmy Owens Selftitled 1976
Jimmy Ponder All things beautiful 1978
Jimmy Ponder Illusions 1976
Jimmy Ponder White room 1977
Jimmy Smith Unfinished business 1978
Jimmy Smith Just friends ????
Jimmy Smith Off the top 1982
Jimmy Smith Plain talk 1969
Jimmy Smith Plays fats waller ????
Jimmy Smith Sit on it! 1977
Jimmy Smith The cat strikes again 1980
Jocelyn Brown One from the heart 1987
Jocelyn Brown Somebody else's guy 1984
Jody Watley Jody Watley 1987
Jody Watley Larger than life 1989
Joe Bataan II 1981
Joe Farrel La Catedral Y El Toro 1977
Joe Farrel Night dancing 1978
Joe Henderson Relaxin' at Camarillo 1981
Joe Sample Rainbow seeker 1978
Joe Sample The hunter 1983
Joe Sample Voices in the rain 1981
Joe Sample Roles 1987
Joe Sample Fancy dance 1969/78
Joe Sample Carmel 1979
Joe Sample Spellbound 1989
Joe Sample Oasis 1985
Joe Sample-David T.Walker Swing street café 1981
Joe Tex He who is without funk cast the first stone 1978
Joe Thomas Get in the wind 1978
Joe Thomas Here I come 1977
Joe Thomas Make your move 1979
Joe Thomas Masada 1975
John & Arthur Simms John & Arthur Simms 1980
John Edwards Life love and living 1976
John Klemer Brazilia 1979
John Klemer Finesse 1983
John Klemer Fresh feathers 1974
John Klemer Hush 1981
John Klemer Life style 1977
John Klemer Midnight madness 1980
John Klemer Solo saxophone 1978
John Klemer Solo saxophone II life 1981
John Klemer Touch 1975
John Klemer Barefoot ballet 1976
John Lee & Gerry Brown Still can't say enough 1976
Johnnie Taylor Ever ready 1978
Johnny Gill Chemistry 1985
Johnny Griffin Bush dance 1979
Johnny Griffin Call it whatchwana 1983
Johnny Griffin NYC underground 1981
Johnny Griffin Return of Griffin 1979
Johnny Griffin You leave me breathless 1972
Johnny Griffin/Art Taylor Quartet Jamps are coming! 1979
Johnny Guithar Watson Bow wow 1994
Johnny Guithar Watson What the hell is this? 1979
Johnny Guithar Watson That's what time it is 1981
Johnny Guithar Watson Strike on computers 1985
Johnny Guithar Watson Funk beyond the call of duty 1977
Johnny Guithar Watson Ain't that a bitch 1976
Johnny Guithar Watson A real mother for ya 1977
Johnny Guithar Watson Love Jones 1980
Johnny Hammond Breakout ????
Johnny Hammond Don't let the system get you 1978
Johnny Hammond Higher ground 1974
Johnny Hammond Storm warning 1977
Johnny Hammond Wild horses ????
Johnny Kemp Selftitled 1986
Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams That's what friends are for 1978
Johnny Reason Selftitled 1977
Jonathan Butler Deliverance 1990
Jonathan Butler Heal our land 1990
Jonathan Butler More than friends 1988
Jonathan Butler Selftitled 1987
Jones Girls At piace with woman 1980
Jones Girls Get as much love as you can 1981
Jones Girls Keep it comin' 1984
Jones Girls On target 1983
Jones Girls Selftitled 1979
Joneses Selftitled 1977
Jose Roberto Betrami Blue wave 1983
Joyce Sims Come into my life 1987
Jr. Tucker Selftitled 1983
Juicy It takes two 1985
Juicy Selftitled 1982
Junie 5 1981
Junie Bread alone 1980
Junior Inside lookin' out 1983
Junior Ji 1982
Junior Acquired taste 1985
Junior Walker & The All Stars Hot spot 1976
Kalyan All the way 1980
Kalyan Selftitled 1977
Kano New York cake 1981
Karma For everybody 1977
Karyn White Selftitled 1988
Kashif Condition of the heart 1985
Kashif I love changes 1987
Kashif Kashif 1983
Kashif Selftitled 1989
Kashif Send me your love 1984
Kay-Gee's Kilowatt 1978
Kay-Gee's Burn me up 1979
Kay-Gee's Find a friend 1976
Kazu Matsui Project Standing on the outside 1983
Keiko Matsui No borders 1990
Keiko Matsui Under northern lights 1989
Keiko Matsui A drop of water 1987
Keith Barrow Physical attraction 1978
Keith Barrow Selftitled 1977
Keith Sweat Make it last forever 1987
Kellee Patterson All the things you are 1979
Kellee Patterson Turn on the lights 1977
Keni Burke Changes 1982
Keni Burke Keni Burke 1977
Kenia Initial thrill 1987
Kenny Brawner & Raw Sugar Kenny Brawner & Raw Sugar 1978
Kenny Burrell/Grover Washington Togethering 1984
Kenny G Duotones 1986
Kenny G G Force 1983
Kenny Garret Prisoner of love 1989
Kent Jordan No question about it 1984
Kevin Eubanks Face to face 1986
Kevin Eubanks Guitarist 1983
Kevin Eubanks Shadow prophets 1988
Kevin Eubanks Sundance 1984
Kevin Eubanks The searcher 1989
Kevin Toney Special K 1982
Khemistry Khemistry 1982
Kiddo Action 1984
Kiddo Kiddo 1983
Kilo Kilo 1979
Kinsman Dazz Dazz 1979
Kinsman Dazz Kinsman dazz 1978
Kirk Whalum And you know that! 1988
Kirk Whalum Floppy disk 1985
Kirk Whalum The promise 1989
Kiti and The Haywoods Love shock 1977
Kleeer Seeekret 1985
Kleeer Get ready 1982
Kleeer Taste the music 1982
Kleeer Winners 1979
Kleeer I love to dance 1979
Kleeer Intimate connection 1984
Kleeer Licence to dream 1981
Klique It's winning time 1981
Klique Let's wear it out 1982
Klique Love cycles 1985
Klique Try it out 1983
Klymaxx Never underestimate the power of woman 1981
Klymaxx The maxx is back 1990
Klymaxx Meeting in the ladies room 1984
Klymaxx Girls will be girls 1982
Kocky Post no bills 1979
Kokomo Selftitled 1982
Koko-Pop Selftitled 1984
Kool & The Gang Forever 1986
Kool & The Gang The force 1977
Kool & The Gang Sweat 1989
Kool & The Gang Something special 1981
Kool & The Gang Open sesame 1976
Kool & The Gang Love & understanding 1976
Kool & The Gang Light of worlds 1974
Kool & The Gang Ladies' night 1979
Kool & The Gang Everybody dancin' 1978
Kool & The Gang Emergency 1984
Kool & The Gang Celebrate 1980
Kool & The Gang As one 1982
Kool & The Gang In the heart 1983
Krystol Gettin' ready 1984
Krystol Talk of the town 1985
Kurtis Blow Deuce 1981
Kurtis Blow Ego trip 1984
Kurtis Blow Party time 1983
Kurtis Blow Tough 1982
Kwick Kwick 1980
Kwick To the point 1981
L.A. Boppers Make mine bop! 1982
L.A. Boppers Bop time 1981
L.A.Boppers L.A.Boppers 1980
L.A.X. Selftitled 1979
L.J.Reynolds Lovin' man 1984
L.J.Reynolds Selftitled 1981
L.J.Reynolds Tell me you will 1987
L.J.Reynolds Travelin' 1982
L.T.D. Love togetherness & devotion 1974
L.T.D. Togetherness 1978
L.T.D. Something to love 1977
L.T.D. Shine on 1980
L.T.D. Love magic 1981
L.T.D. Gittin' down 1974
L.T.D. Devotion 1979
L.T.D. Love to the world 1976
L.T.D. For you 1983
LA Connection LA conection 1982
Lakeside Outrageous 1984
Lakeside Your wish is my command 1981
Lakeside Untouchables 1983
Lakeside Shot of love 1978
Lakeside Selftitled 1977
Lakeside Rough riders 1979
Lakeside Party patrol 1990
Lakeside Keep on moving straight ahead 1981
Lakeside Fantastic voyade 1980
Lakeside Power 1987
Lala Selftitled 1987
Lamont Dozier Working on you 1981
Lamont Dozier Lamont 1981
Lamont Johnson Music of the sun 1978
Lanier & Co. Lanier & co. 1983
Larry Carlton Alone but never alone 1986
Larry Carlton Discovery 1987
Larry Carlton Friends 1983
Larry Carlton On solid ground 1989
Larry Carlton Selftitled 1978
Larry Carlton Sleepwalk 1982
Larry Carlton Strikes twice 1980
Larry Graham Victory 1983
Larry Graham Just be my lady 1981
Larry Graham One in a million you 1980
Larry Graham Sooner or later 1982
Larry Graham Star walk 1979
Larry Graham &G.Central Station My radio sure sounds good to me 1978
Larry Williams That Larry Williams 1978
Laso Selftitled 1977
Latoya Jackson My special love 1981
Latoya Jackson Selftitled 1980
Laurin Rinder & Michael Lewis Seven deadly sins 1977
Lawrence Hilton Jacobs All the way love 1979
Le Pamplemousse Selftitled 1979
Le Pamplemousse Sweet magic 1977
Lee Ritenour Portrait 1987
Lee Ritenour The captain's journey 1978
Lee Ritenour Captain fingers 1977
Lee Ritenour Rit/2 1982
Lee Ritenour Rit 1981
Lee Ritenour Rio 1979
Lee Ritenour First cource 1976
Lee Ritenour Festival 1988
Lee Ritenour Feel the night 1979
Lee Ritenour Banded together 1984
Lee Ritenour On the line 1983
Lee Ritenour Earth run 1986
Lemon Selftitled 1978
Lenny White Astral pirates 1978
Lenny White Venusian summer 1975
Lenny White Streamline 1978
Lenny White Attitude 1983
Lenny White Big city 1977
Lenny Williams Let's do it today 1980
Lenny Williams Taking chances 1981
Lenny Williams Sparks of love 1978
Lenny Williams Selftitled 1974
Lenny Williams Rise sleeping beauty 1975
Lenny Williams New episode 1986
Lenny Williams Layin' in wait 1989
Lenny Williams Choosing you 1977
Lenny Williams Changing 1984
Lenny Williams Love current 1979
Leon Haywood Come and get yourself some 1975
Leon Haywood Double my pleasure 1978
Leon Haywood It's me again 1983
Leon Haywood Naturaly 1980
Leon Huff Here to create music 1980
Leon Patillo The sky's the limit 1984
Leroy Hutson Unforgettable 1979
Leroy Hutson Paradise 1982
Leroy Hutson Closer to the source 1978
Leroy Hutson Feel the spirit 1976
Les mcCann Tall, dark & handsome 1979
Lesette Wilson Now that I've got your attention 1981
Leslie Drayton Orchestra Love is a four letter word 1984
Leslie Drayton Orchestra Turning a corner 1981
Leslie Smith Heartache 1982
Lester Bowie The great pretender 1982
Levert Just coolin' 1988
Levert I get hot 1984
Levert Bloodline 1986
Lew Kirton Talk to me 1983
Lew Kirton Just arrived 1980
Light of the world Check us out 1982
Light of the world Light of the world 1980
Lillo Thomas Selftitled 1987
Lillo Thomas All of you 1984
Lillo Thomas Let me be yours 1983
Linda Clifford I'm yours 1980
Linda Clifford Sneakin' out 1984
Linda Clifford Linda 1977
Linda Clifford I'll keep on loving you 1982
Linda Clifford Here's my love 1979
Linda Clifford My heart's on fire 1985
Linda Evans You control me 1979
Linda Williams City living 1979
Linx Intuition 1981
Lionel Richie Lionel Richie 1982
Lipps Inc Mouth to mouth 1980
Lisa Stansfield Affection 1990
Little Anthony Day light 1980
Locksmith Unlock the funk 1980
Loleatta Selftitled 1979
Lonnie Jordan The affair 1982
Lonnie Liston Smith Gotcha 1978
Lonnie Liston Smith Rejuvenation 1985
Lonnie Liston Smith Renaissance 1976
Lonnie Liston Smith Loveland 1978
Lonnie Liston Smith Love is the answer 1980
Lonnie Liston Smith Love goddess 1990
Lonnie Liston Smith Exotic mysteries 1978
Lonnie Liston Smith Dreams of tomorrow 1983
Lonnie Liston Smith A song for the children 1979
Lonnie Liston Smith Silhouettes 1984
Lonnie Liston Smith Turning point 1969
Lonnie Liston Smith Funk reaction 1977
Lonnie Liston Smith Golden dreams 1988
Loose ends Look how long 1990
Loose ends The real chuckeeboo 1988
Loose ends A little spice 1983
Loose ends Zagora 1986
Lou Rawls All things in time 1976
Lou Rawls Now is the time 1982
Lou Rawls When the night come 1983
Love Committee Selftitled 1980
Love Unlimited Orchestra Love is back 1979
Love Unlimited Orchestra Welcome aboard 1981
Love Unlimited Orchestra Rise 1983
Love Unlimited Orchestra Music maestro please 1975
Love Unlimited Orchestra My musical bouquet 1978
Love Unlimited Orchestra My sweet summer suite 1976
Loveship Selftitled ????
Lovesmith Lovesmith 1981
Luther Rubb Street angel 1979
Luther Vandross Power of love 1991
Luther Vandross The night I feel in love 1985
Luther Vandross Never too much 1981
Luther Vandross Busy body 1983
Luther Vandross Any love 1988
Mac Band Mac Band 1988
Madagascar Spirit of the street 1981
Made in USA Made in USA 1977
Madeline Bell This is one girl 1976
Madhouse 8 1987
Magic Lady Hot'n'sassy 1982
Magic Lady Selftitled 1980
Magnum Force Share my love 1982
Main Attraction All the way 1986
Main Ingredient Euphrates River 1974
Main Ingredient I only have eyes for you 1981
Main Ingredient Ready for love 1980
Mai-Tai 1 touch 2 much 1986
Mai-Tai Selftitled 1985
Major Lance Major's rack 1982/83
Makoto Makoto 1984
Makoto Nside 1985
Mammatapee Mammatapee 1980
Mammatapee On the one 1980
Manchild Fell the huff 1978
Manchild Power and love 1977
Mandre Two 1978
Mandre M3000 1979
Mandre Mandre 1977
Mandrill Beast from the east 1975
Mandrill Energize 1982
Mandrill Getting in the mood 1980
Mandrill Mandrill is 1972
Mandrill New worlds 1978
Mandrill We are one 1977
Manhattans After midnight 1980
Manhattans Forever by your side 1983
Manhattans Too hot to stop it 1985
Man's Theory Just before dawn 1977
Mantra Selftitled 1981
Manu Dibango Makossa man 1973/74
Marc Sadane Exciting 1982
Marc Sadane One way love affair 1981
Marcio Montarroyos Carioca 1983
Marcus Miller Suddenly 1983
Marcus Roberts The truth is spoken here 1989
Margie Joseph Feeling my way 1978
Margie Joseph Knockout! 1983
Margie Joseph Ready for the night 1984
Margie Joseph Stay 1988
Margo Michaels & nite lite Margo Michaels & nite lite 1981
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. The two of us 1977
Marion Brown Vista 1975
Mark Radice Ain't nothin' but a party 1976
Mark Radice Intense 1977
Marlena Shaw Acting up 1978
Marlena Shaw Let me in your life 1982
Marlena Shaw Love is in flight 1988
Marlena Shaw Sweet beginning 1977
Marlon McClain Changes 1981
Martha High Selftitled 1979
Marvin Gaye Romantically yours 1985
Marvin Gaye Midnight love 1982
Marvin Gaye In our lifetime 1981
Marvin Gaye I want you 1976
Mary Jane Girls Mary Jane Girls 1983
Mary Jane Girls Only for you 1985
Mary Wells In and out of love 1981
Marz Make it right 1982
Masakela Colonial man 1976
Masqueraders Love anonymous 1977
Masqueraders Masqueraders 1980
Mass Production In a city groove 1982
Mass Production Welcome to our world 1976
Mass Production Turn up the music 1981
Mass Production Three miles high 1978
Mass Production Masterpiece 1980
Mass Production In the purest form 1979
Mass Production Believe 1977
Mass Production Mass Production 1983
Mastermind Mastermind 1977
Masterpiece The girl's alright with me 1980
Maurice Starr Flaming starr 1980
Maurice Starr Spacey Lady 1983
Max Bennett & Freeway Interchange 1987
Max Bennett & Freeway The drifter 1986
Maxine Nightingale Bittersweet 1980
Maxwell Now 2001
Maynard Ferguson Conquistador 1977
Maynard Ferguson Hollywood 1982
Maze & Frankie Beverly We are the one 1983
Maze & Frankie Beverly Can't stop the love 1985
Maze & Frankie Beverly Inspiration 1979
Maze & Frankie Beverly Joy and pain 1980
Maze & Frankie Beverly Maze & Frankie Beverly 1977
Maze & Frankie Beverly Silky soul 1989
MCB MCB 1983
McCoy Tyner Together 1979
McCoy Tyner Trident 1975
McCoy Tyner Passion dance 1979
McCrarys Just for you 1980
McCrarys Loving is living 1977/78
McCrarys On the other side 1979
McCrarys All night music 1982
McFadden & Whitehead Selftitled 1979
McFadden & Whitehead I heard it in a love song 1980
McFadden & Whitehead Movin' on 1982
Meadows Meadows 1981
Mel Brown Actor of music 1976
Melba Moore The other side of the rainbow 1982
Melba Moore This is it 1976
Melba Moore Sweet Melba 1981
Melba Moore Soul exposed 1990
Melba Moore Never say never 1983
Melba Moore Melba 1978
Melba Moore Dancin' with Melba 1979
Melba Moore Closer 1980
Melba Moore Burn 1979
Melba Moore A lot of love 1986
Melba Moore A portrait of Melba 1977
Melba Moore What a woman needs 1981
Melba Moore I'm in love 1988
Meli'sa Morgan Good love 1987
Meli'sa Morgan Do me baby 1986
Memphis Horns Get up and dance 1977
Memphis Horns Welcome to Memphis 1979
Memphis Horns Band II 1978
Merge Merge 1982
Merry Clayton Emotion 1980
Merry Clayton Keep your eye on the sparrow 1975
MFSB Summertime 1976
MFSB Universal love 1975
MFSB The Gamble-Huff Orchestra 1978
MFSB Love is the message 1973
MFSB Mysteries of the world 1980
MFSB Selftitled 1973
Miami Miami 1978
Mica Paris So good 1989
Michael Franks Tiger in the rain 1979
Michael Franks Blue pacific 1990
Michael Franks Passion fruit 1983
Michael Franks Previously unavailable 1983
Michael Franks Skin dive 1985
Michael Henderson Fickle 1983
Michael Henderson Slingshot 1981
Michael Jackson Bad 1987
Michael Jackson Off the wall 1979
Michael Jackson Thriller 1982
Michael Lovesmith Diamond in the raw 1984
Michael Lovesmith I can make it happen 1983
Michael Lovesmith Rhymes of passion 1985
Michael McDonald Selftitled 1982
Michael Urbaniak Ecstasy 1978
Michael White The X factor 1978
Michael Wycoff Come to my world 1980
Michael Wycoff Love conquers all 1982
Michael Wycoff On the line 1983
Midnight Star Headlines 1986
Midnight Star Midnight Star 1988
Midnight Star No parking on the dancefloor 1983
Midnight Star Planetary invasion 1984
Midnight Star Standing together 1981
Midnight Star The beginning 1980
Midnight Star Work it out 1990
Mighty Fire No time for masquerading 1981
Mighty Fire Mighty Fire 1982
Mike And Brenda Sutton Don't hold back 1982
Mike Mainieri Love play 1977
Miki Howard Come share my love 1986
Miki Howard Love confessions 1987
Miki Howard Selftitled 1989
Miles Davis Star people 1983
Miles Davis Tutu 1986
Miles Davis Water babies 1976
Milli Vanilli Girl you know it's true 1989
Millie Jackson Get it out 'cha system 1978
Millie Jackson A moment's pleasure 1979
Millie Jackson I had to say it 1980
Millie Jackson Live and outrageous 1982
Millie Jackson Feelin' bitchy 1977
Millie Jackson An imitation of love 1986
Millie Jackson Back to the shit! 1989
Millie Jackson Free and in love 1976
Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes Royal rappin's 1985
Millie Scott I can Make it good for you 1988
Millie Scott Love me right 1987
Minnie Riperton Love lives forever 1980
Miracles Do it baby 1974
Miroslav Vitous First meeting 1980
Monalisa Young Knife 1983
Mondo Santamaria Red hot 1979
Montana I love music 1978
Morning, Noon & Night Morning,noon & night 1977
Moses Tyson Do you want it 1983
Mosley & Johnson Selftitled 1987
Most Requested Rhythm Band Got to give it up ? ????
Motivation Selftitled 1983
Mtume Juicy fruit 1983
Mtume You, me and he 1984
Mtume Theather of a mind 1986
Mtume In searching of the rainbow seekers 1980
Mtume Kiss this world goodbye 1978
Muscle Shoals Horns Born to get down 1976
Muscle Shoals Horns Doin' to the bone 1977
Muscle Shoals Horns Shine on 1983
Mutini Funk plus the one 1980
Mutiny Mutiny on the mamaship 1979
Mystic Merlin Full moon 1982
Mystic Merlin Selftitled 1980
Mystic Merlin Sixty thrills a minute 1981
M-Zee Band Doctor rhythm 1981
N.C.C.U Super trick 1977
Najee Najee's theme 1986
Najee Tokio blue 1990
Najee Day by day 1988
Nancy Wilson Forbidden lover 1987
Narada Michael Walden Awakening 1979
Narada Michael Walden Confidence 1982
Narada Michael Walden Looking at you, looking at me 1983
Narada Michael Walden The dance of life 1979
Narada Michael Walden Victory 1980
Nat Adderlay A little New York midtown music 1979
Natalie Cole I'm ready 1983
Natalie Cole Happy love 1981
Nate Dogg Music & Me 2001
Native Son Savanna hot-line 1979
Native Son Selftitled 1979
Nature's Divine In the beginning 1979
Ndugu & Chocolate Jam Co. Do I make you feel better? 1980
New Birth Behold the mighty army 1977
New Birth I'm back 1982
New Birth It's been a long time 1973
New Birth Platinum city 1979
New Horizons Something new 1983
New York Express Hot on the clue 1982
Next Movement Selftitled 1980
Nick Straker Band Selftitled 1980/81
Nights The nights 1976
Nile Rodgers Adventu. in the lanf of the good groove 1983
Nile Rodgers B movie matinee 1985
Nite Flyte Selftitled 1979
Nite Flyte Selftitled 1981
Noel Pointer All my reasons 1981
Noel Pointer Direct hit 1982
Nolen & Crossley Ambience 1982
Norman Connors Saturday night special 1975
Norman Connors Take it to the limit 1980
Norman Connors You are my starship 1976
Norman Connors Slewfoot 1974
Norman Connors Passion 1988
Norman Connors Invitation 1979
Norman Connors Mr.C 1981
Norman Connors Romantic Journey 1977
Norman Harris Harris machine 1980
Nouveau Club Under a Nouveau groove 1989
Nu Shooz Poolside 1985
NYPA Three thousand miles from home 1977
Nytro Return to nytropolis 1979
Nytro Selftitled 1977
O'Bryan Doin' alright 1981/82
O'Bryan Surrender 1986
O'Bryan Be my lover 1984
O'Bryan You and I 1983
O'Conner Come alive 1981
O'Donel Levy Through a song 1982
Odyssey Selftitled 1977
Odyssey Hang together 1980
Odyssey Happy together 1982
Odyssey Hollywood party tonight 1978
Odyssey I got melody 1981
Ohio Players Mr.Mean 1977
Ohio Players Skin tight 1974
Ohio Players Tenderness 1981
Ohio Players Ouch! 1981
Ohio Players Honey 1975
Ohio Players Angel 1977
Ohio Players Jass-ay-lay-dee 1978
Ohio Players Everybody up 1979
O'Jays Let me touch you 1987
O'Jays When I will see you again 1983
O'Jays The year 2000 1980
O'Jays Ship ahoy 1973
O'Jays My favorite person 1982
O'Jays Love and more 1984
O'Jays Identify yourself 1979
O'Jays Family reunion 1975
O'Jays Back stabbers 1972
O'Jays Message in the music 1976
Oleta Adams Circle of one 1990
Olimpic Runners Hot to trot 1977
Olimpic Runners Dancealot 1978/79
Oliver Cheatham The boss ' 82 1982
Oliver Cheatham Saturday night 1983
Oliver Lake Gallery 1986
Oliver Lake Heavy spirits 1975
Oliver Lake Impala 1987
Ollie Baba Ollie Baba 1978
One Way Who's foolin' who 1982
One Way Wild night 1982
One Way Shine on me 1983
One Way One Way 1979
One Way Love is… 1981
One Way Fancy dancer 1981
One Way Lady 1984
One Way Nine 1986
One Way Wrap your body 1985
One Way Featuring Al Hudson One Way Featuring Al Hudson 1980
Oran Juice Jones GTO 1986/87
Oran Juice Jones Selftitled 1986
Originals Yesterday and today 1981
Originals Another time another place 1978
Originals Come away with me 1979
Osborne & Giles Stranger in the night 1985
Oscar Peterson Trio Another day 1975
Osiris Since before our time 1979
Ozone Send it 1981
Ozone Walk on 1980
Ozone Jump on it 1981
Ozone Glasses 1983
Ozone Li'l Suzi 1982
P.Funk all star Urban dancefloor guerillas 1983
Paradise Can't you see the light 1989
Parliament Trombipulation ' 80 1980
Parliament Funkentelechy vs. the plac. syndr. 1977
Parliament Gloryhallastoopid 1979
Parliament Mothership connection ' 75 1975
Parliament Mottor booty affair 1978
Parliament The clones of Dr. Funkenstein 1976
Passage Selftitled 1981
Passport Heavy nights 1986
Passport Blue tattoo 1981
Pat Metheny Group American garage 1979
Pat Metheny Group First circle 1984
Pat Metheny Group Offramp 1982
Pat Metheny Group Selftitled 1978
Patrice Rushen Shout it out 1977
Patrice Rushen Watch out 1987
Patrice Rushen Straight from the heart 1982
Patrice Rushen Now 1984
Patrice Rushen Patrice 1978
Patrice Rushen Pizzazz 1979
Patrice Rushen Posh 1980
Patrick Gammon Don't touch me 1979
Patrick Henderson This is love 1982
Patrick Williams Dreams and themes 1982
Patryce"Choc'let"Banks She's back and ready 1980
Patti Austin Getting' away with murder 1985
Patti Austin The real me 1988
Patti Austin Patti Austin 1984
Patti Austin Live at the bottom line 1979
Patti Austin Every home should have one 1981
Patti Austin Body language 1980
Patti Austin Love is gonna getcha 1990
Patti La Belle Be yourself 1989
Patti La Belle It's alright with me 1979
Patti La Belle Released 1980
Patti La Belle Selftitled 1985
Patti La Belle The spirit in it 1981
Patti La Belle Winner in you 1986
Pattie Brooks In my world 1983
Pattie Brooks Selftitled 1980
Pattie Brooks Party girl 1979
Paul Desmond Bridge over troubled water ????
Paul Desmond Pure desmond ????
Paul Desmond Skylark 1974
Paul Desmond Quartet Featuring Don Elliot ????
Paul Hardcastle Rain forest 1985
Paul Hardcastle Selftitled 1985
Paul Jackson Jr. I came to play 1988
Paul Laurence Haven't you heard 1985
Paulihno Da Costa Sunrise 1984
Peabo Bryson Don't play with fire 1982
Peabo Bryson I'm in love 1981
Peabo Bryson Quiet storm 1986
Peabo Bryson Reaching for the sky 1977/78
Peabo Bryson Straight from the heart 1984
Peabo Bryson Take no prisoners 1985
Peabo Bryson Crosswinds 1978
Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack Born to love 1983
Peaches & Herb Twice the fire 1979
Peaches & Herb Worth the wait 1980
Peaches & Herb Remember 1983
Peaches & Herb 2 hot 1978
Peaches & Herb Sayin'something! 1981
Pebbles Selftitled 1987
People's Choice Boogie down U.S.A. 1975
People's Choice People's Choice 1980
People's Choice Strikin' 1984
People's Choice Turn me loose 1978
People's Choice We got the rhythm 1976
Perry & Sanlin For those who love 1980
Perry & Sanlin We're the winners 1981
Pharoah Sanders Journey to the one 1980
Pharoah Sanders Karma 1971
Pharoah Sanders Love will find a way 1978
Pheeroan Aklaff Fits like a glove 1983
Phil Hurtt PH factor 1979
Phil Upchurch Darkness, darkness 1972
Phil Upchurch Name of the game ????
Phil Upchurch Revelation ????
Phil Upchurch Selftitled 1978
Phil Upchurch Tennyson 1974/75
Philip Bailey Family affair 1989
Philip Bailey Chinese wall 1984
Philip Bailey Continuation 1983
Philly Cream No time like now 1980
Philly Cream Philly Cream 1979
Phineas Newborn Jr. Solo piano 1975
Phylicia Allen Josephine superstar 1978
Phyllis Hyman Can't we fall in love again 1981
Phyllis Hyman Gooddess of love 1983
Phyllis Hyman Somewhere in my lifetime 1978
Phyllis Hyman You know how to love me 1979
Phyllis St.James Ain't no turnin' back 1984
Phyrework Selftitled 1978
Pieces Of A Dream Imagine this 1983
Pieces Of A Dream We are one 1982
Pieces Of A Dream Selftitled 1981
Pieces Of A Dream Joyride 1986
Pieces Of A Dream "Bout dat time 1989
Pieces Of A Dream Makes you wanna 1988
Pips At last 1977
Plas Johnson The blues 1976
Platinum Hook It's time 1979
Platinum Hook Platinum Hook 1978
Platypus Cherry 1980
Platypus Platypus 1979
Players Association Let your body go! 1981
Pleasure Special things 1980
Pleasure Joyous 1977
Pleasure Future now 1979
Pleasure Give it up 1982
Pleasure Get to the feeling 1978
Pockets Come go with us 1977
Pockets So delicious 1979
Pockets Take it on up 1978
Positive Force Positive Force 1980
Power Selftitled 1982
Pressure Pressure 1979
Prince For you 1978
Prince Selftitled 1979
Prince Scandalous sex suite 1989
Prince Controvercy 1981
Princess & Starbreeze Selftitled 1987
Process and The Doo Rags Too sharp 1985
Pure Energy Selftitled 1980
Pyrymyd Pyrymyd 1980
Quazar Quazar 1978
Quincy Jones You've got it bad girl 1973
Quincy Jones Body heat 1974
Quincy Jones Ndeda 1972
Quincy Jones Sounds 1978
Quincy Jones The dude 1981
R.J.'s Selftitled 1985
R.J.'s Selftitled 1979
R.J.'s Latest arrival 1982
R.J.'s Hold on 1986
R.Kelly 2000
Rafael Cameron All the way 1982
Rafael Cameron Cameron 1980
Rafael Cameron Cameron's in love 1981
Rahmlee Rise of the Phenix 1981
Ralph MacDonald Surprize! 1985
Ralph MacDonald Universal rhythm 1984
Ralph Moore Further more 1990
Ralph Moore Round trip 1987
Ramsey Lewis Three piece suite 1981
Ramsey Lewis Chance encounter 1982
Ramsey Lewis Don't it feel good 1975
Ramsey Lewis Keys to the city 1987
Ramsey Lewis Les Fleurs 1983
Ramsey Lewis Love notes 1977
Ramsey Lewis Ramsey 1979
Ramsey Lewis Routes 1980
Ramsey Lewis Sun goddess 1974
Ramsey Lewis Blues for the night owl 1981
Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson Selftitled 1984
Ramsey Lewis Trio Stretching out 1960
Ramsey Lewis Trio Reunion 1983
Rance Allen Group Hear my voice 1983
Rance Allen Group I feel like going on 1980
Rance Allen Group I give myself to you 1984
Rance Allen Group Smile 1979
Rance Allen Group Straight from the heart 1978
Randy Brown Welcome to my room 1978
Randy Brown Antimately 1979
Randy Brown Midnight desire 1980
Randy Crawford Windsong 1982
Randy Crawford Secret combination 1981
Randy Crawford Abstract emotions 1986
Randy Crawford Raw silk 1979
Randy Hall I belong to you 1984
Rare Earth Grand slam 1978
Rare Earth Selftitled 1977
Rare Gems Odyssey Rare Gems Odyssey 1977
Rare silk New weave 1983
Raul De Souza Til tomorrow comes 1979
Raul De Souza Don't ask my neighbors 1978
Raul De Souza Sweet lucy 1977
Ray Barretto Can you feel it 1978
Ray Parker Sex and the single man 1985
Ray Parker The other woman 1982
Ray Parker Woman out of control 1983
Ray Parker After dark 1987
Ray Parker & Raydio Two places at the same time 1980
Ray Parker & Raydio A woman needs love 1981
Ray Simpson Tiger love 1978
Ray, Goodman & Brown Selftitled 1979
Ray, Goodman & Brown Stay 1981
Ray, Goodman & Brown Open up 1982
Ray, Goodman & Brown II 1980
Ray, Goodman & Brown Take it to the limit 1986
Raydio Raydio 1978
Raydio Rock on 1978/79
Red Garland Satin doll 1983
Red Garland Trio Equinox 1979
Reddings Steamin' hot 1982
Reddings Awakening 1980
Reddings Back to basics 1983
Reddings Class 1981
Reddings If looks could kill 1985
Reddings Selftitled 1988
Regina Belle Stay with me 1989
Regina Belle All by myself 1987
Ren Woods Azz izz 1982
Ren Woods Out of the woods 1979
Rene & Angela Rise 1983
Rene & Angela Selftitled 1980
Rene & Angela Street called desire 1985
Rene & Angela Wall to wall 1981
Rene Moore Destination love 1988
Return To Forever Romantic warrior 1976
Return To Forever No mystery 1975
Revelation Selftitled 1982
Revelation Revelation 1980
Rhythm Heritage Disco-fied 1976
Rhythm Heritage Last night on earth 1977
Rhythm Heritage Sky's the limit 1978
Rhyze Just how sweet is your love 1980
Rhyze To the top 1981
Richard "Dimples" Fields Give everybody some! 1982
Richard "Dimples" Fields Mmmmm 1984
Richard Dimples Tellin' like it is 1987
Richard Dimples Dark Gable 1985
Richard Dimples Mr. Look so good 1982
Richard Elliot Take to the skies 1989
Richard Elliot Trolltown 1986
Richard Evans Selftitled 1979
Richard John Smith Richard John Smith 1983
Richie Havens Common ground 1983
Richie Havens Connections 1980
Richie Havens Simple things 1987
Rick James Fire it up 1979
Rick James Wonderful 1988
Rick James Throwin' down 1982
Rick James Street songs 1981
Rick James Reflections 1984
Rick James Garden of love 1980
Rick James Come get it 1978
Rick James Cold blooded 1983
Rick James Bustin' out of L seven 1979
Rick James Glow 1985
Rick James pre.Stone City Band In and out 1980
Rick James present Bobby M Blow 1982
Rick Smith We should be lovers 1982
Rinder & Lewis Warriors 1979
Ritchie Family Give me a break 1980
Ritchie Family Bad reputation 1979
Ritchie Family All night All right 1983
Ritchie Family I'll do my best 1982
Robert Watson All because of you 1978
Robert Winters & Fall L-O-V-E 1982
Robert Winters & Fall Magic man 1981
Roberta Flack Bustin' loose 1981
Roberta Flack Oasis 1988
Roberta Flack Roberta Flack 1979
Roberta Flack Selftitled 1978
Rockie Robbins Rockie Robbins 1979
Rockie Robbins Rockie Robbins 1985
Rockie Robbins I believe in love 1981
Rockie Robbins You and me 1980
Rod Shake it up 1980
Rodney Franklin Skydance 1985
Rodney Franklin Endless flight 1981
Rodney Franklin In the center 1978
Rodney Franklin Learning to love 1982
Rodney Franklin Marathon 1984
Rodney Franklin Selftitled 1980
Rodney Franklin You'll never know 1980
Roger Unlimited 1987
Roger The many face of Roger 1981
Roger The saga continues.. 1984
Ron Banks Truly bad 1983
Ronn Matlock Love city 1979
Ronnie Dyson Brand new day 1983
Ronnie Dyson Phase 2 1982
Ronnie Dyson The more you do it 1976
Ronnie Foster Delight 1979
Ronnie Foster Love satelite 1978
Ronnie Jones Games 1980
Ronnie Laws Solid ground 1981
Ronnie Laws Mirror town 1986
Ronnie Laws Friends and strangers 1977
Ronnie Laws Flame 1978
Ronnie Laws Every generation 1980
Ronnie Laws Fever 1976
Ronnie McNeir Love suspect 1985
Rose Royce Rainbow connection 1979
Rose Royce Stronger than ever 1982
Rose Royce Music magic 1984
Rose Royce Strikes again 1978
Rose Royce Jump street 1981
Rose Royce In full bloom 1977
Rose Royce Golden touch 1980
Rose Royce Perfect lover 1989
Round Trip Selftitled 1981
Roy Ayers Let's do it 1978
Roy Ayers You send me 1978
Roy Ayers You might be surpriced 1985
Roy Ayers Wake up 1989
Roy Ayers Starbooty 1978
Roy Ayers No stranger to love 1979
Roy Ayers Mystic voyage 1975
Roy Ayers Love fantasy 1980
Roy Ayers Lifetime 1977
Roy Ayers In the dark 1984
Roy Ayers I'm the one 1987
Roy Ayers Fever 1979
Roy Ayers Feeling good 1982
Roy Ayers Everybody loves the sunshine 1976
Roy Ayers Centar of the world 1981
Roy Ayers Lots of love 1983
Roy Ayers Ubiquity Vibrations 1976
Roy Ayers-Wayne Hendreson Prime time 1980
Roy Ayers-Wayne Hendreson Step in to our life 1978
Roy Haynes Vistalite 1979
Ruby Turner The motown songbook 1989
Ruby Turner Paradise 1990
Ruby Winters I will 1978
Rudy Love and The Love Family This song is for you 1978
Rufus Party 'til you're broke 1981
Rufus Seal in red 1983
Rufus & Chaka Camouflage 1981
Rufus & Chaka Masterjam 1979
Rufus & Chaka Street player 1978
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan Selftitled 1975
Sadao Watanabe Autumn blow 1977
Sade Dimond life ' 1985
Sade Promise 1985
Sade Stronger than pride 1988
Saint Tropez Belle de jour 1979
Saint Tropez Hot and nasty 1982
Salsoul Orchestra Heat it up 1982
Salsoul Orchestra How deep is your love 1978
Salsoul Orchestra How high 1979
Salsoul Orchestra Magic journey 1977
Salsoul Orchestra Selftitled 1975
Sandra Feva Savoir faire 1981
Sassafras Selftitled 1978
Seawind Selftitled 1980
Seawind Window of a child 1977
Seawind Seawind 1976
Seawind Light the light 1979
Second Image Selftitled 1983
Secret Weapon Selftitled 1983
Sequence Selftitled 1982
Sequence Sugar Hill Presents Sequence 1980
Serge Ponsar Back to light 1983
Sergio Mendes Confetti 1984
Sergio Mendes Sergio Mendes 1983
Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66 Equinox ????
Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66 Fool on the hill ????
Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66 Crystal illusion ????
Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66 Ye-Me-Le ????
Shadow Love lite 1979
Shadow Selftitled 1980
Shadow Shodows in the streets 1981
Shakatak Down on the street 1984
Shakatak Invitations 1982
Shakatak Manic & cool 1988
Shakatak Night birds 1982
Shalamar Heart break 1984
Shalamar Three for love 1980
Shalamar Big fun 1979
Shalamar Disco gardens 1978
Shalamar Friends 1982
Shanice Wilson Discovery 1987
Sharon Redd Love how you feel 1983
Sharon Redd Redd hot 1982
Sharon Reed Sharon Reed 1980
Sheree Brown Straight ahead 1981
Sheree Brown The music 1982
Sherrick Selftitled 1987
Shirley Brown Selftitled 1977
Shirley Brown Timeless 1991
Shirley Brown Intimate storm ????
Shirley Brown For the real feeling 1979
Shirley Brown Woman to woman 1974
Shirley Jones Always in the mood 1986
Shirley Murdock A woman's point of view 1988
Shirley Murdock Shirley Murdock 1985
Shirley Scott Oasis 1990
Sho Nuff From the gut to the but 1978
Sho Nuff Stand up for love 1982
Sho Nuff Tonite 1980
Shock Nite life 1983
Shock Waves 1982
Shotgun Kingdom come 1980
Shotgun Shotgun 1977
Shotgun Ladies choice 1982
Shotgun Good bad & funky 1978
Shotgun III 1979
Shotgun IV 1980
Side Effect All aboard 1982
Side Effect Goin bananas 1977
Side Effect Portraits 1981
Side Effect Raibow visions 1978
Side Effect What you need 1976
Sidney Barnes Foot stompin' music 1978
Silver Platinum Silver platinum 1981
Simply Red Men and women 1987
Sine Happy is the only way 1977
Sins Of Satan Future star 1978
Sister Sledge Betcha say that to all girls 1983
Sister Sledge Love somebody today 1980
Sister Sledge The Sisters 1982
Sister Sledge Together 1977
Sister Sledge We are family 1979
Sister Sledge When the boys meet the girl 1985
Skool Boyz Skool Boyz 1981
Skool Boyz This is real thing 1985
Skwares Selftitled 1984
Skwares Start it up 1988
Skyy Selftitled 1979
Skyy Skyway 1980
Skyy Skyy line 1981
Skyy Skyyjammer 1982
Skyy Skyylight 1983
Skyy Skyyport 1980
Skyy Start of a romance 1989
Skyy From the left side 1986
Slave Bad enuff 1983
Slave Visions of the lite 1982
Slave The hardness of the world 1977
Slave The concept 1978
Slave Stone jam 1980
Slave Slave 1977
Slave Showtime 1981
Slave Just a touch of love 1979
Slave 88 1988
Slave Make believe 1987
Slick Go for it 1980
Slick Selftitled 1979
Sly Slick and Wicket R 1976/77
Smash Selftitled 1979
Smoke Smoke 1976
Soiree Selftitled 1979
Solar Heat Selftitled 1979
Sonny Charles The sun still shines 1982
Sonny Rollins Now's the time 1979
Sonny Rollins Nucleus 1975
Sonny Rollins No problem 1982
Sonny Rollins Love at first sight 1980
Sonny Rollins Falling in love with jazz 1990
Sonny Rollins Easy living 1977
Sonny Rollins Don't ask 1979
Sonny Rollins Contemporary 1986
SOS Band III 1982
SOS Band Just the way you like it 1984
SOS Band Sands of time 1986
SOS Band SOS 1980
SOS Band The SOS Band on the rise 1983
SOS Band Too 1981
SOS Band Diamonds in a raw 1989
Soul Children Open door policy 1978
Soul Makossa Afrique 1973
Soul Sneekers Alley and The Soul Sneekers 1979
Southroad Connection Ain't no time to sit down 1979
Southroad Connection Sweet ride 1978
Southroad Connection Positive energy 1980
Space Cadets Selftitled 1981
Space People Selftitled 1982
Spider Webb I don't know what's on your mind 1976
Spinners Labor of love 1981
Spinners Mighty love 1974
Spinners Love trippin 1980
Spinners Grand slam 1982
Spinners From here to the eternally 1978/79
Spinners Dancin' and lovin' 1979
Spinners Cross fire 1984
Spinners Can't shake this feelin' 1981
Spinners 8 1977
Spinners Lovin' feelings 1985
Splendor Splendor 1979
Spyder Turner Music web 1978
Spyro Gyra Spyro Gyra 1977/78
Spyro Gyra Alternative currents 1985
Spyro Gyra Breakout 1986
Spyro Gyra City kids 1983
Spyro Gyra Incognito 1982
Spyro Gyra Morning dance 1979
Spyro Gyro Freetime 1981
Spyro Gyro Catching the sun 1980
Spyro Gyro Carneval 1980
Stacy Lattisaw I'm not the same girl 1985
Stacy Lattisaw Let me be your angel 1980
Stacy Lattisaw Personal attention 1987/88
Stacy Lattisaw Sixteen 1983
Stacy Lattisaw Sneakin' out 1982
Stacy Lattisaw With you 1981
Stacy Lattisaw Young and in love 1979
Stacy Lattisaw & Johnny Gill Perfect combination 1984
Stan Getz Another world 1978
Stan Getz The dolphin 1981
Stanley Clarke Hideaway 1986
Stanley Clarke If this bass could only talk 1988
Stanley Clarke Journey to love 1975
Stanley Clarke Selftitled 1974
Stanley Clarke Time exposure 1984
Stanley Clarke Let me know you 1982
Stanley Clarke School days 1976
Stanley Clarke Children of forever 1973
Stanley Clarke Band Find out! 1985
Stanley Jordan Magic touch 1985
Stanley Jordan Flying home 1988
Stanley Turrentine Betcha 1979
Stanley Turrentine What about you 1978
Staples Pass it on 1976
Stargard Back 2 back 1981
Stargard Nine lives 1982
Stargard Stargard 1977
Stargard What you waitin' for 1978
Starpoint It's all yours 1985
Starpoint Wanting you 1981
Starpoint Starpoint 1980
Starpoint Sensational 1987
Starpoint Restless 1985
Starpoint It's so delicious 1983
Starpoint Hot to the touch 1988
Starpoint Have you got what it takes 1990
Starpoint All night long 1982
Starpoint Keep on it 1981
Starship Orchestra Celestral sky 1980
Stephanie Mills If I were your woman 1987
Stephanie Mills Tantalizing hot 1982
Stephanie Mills Stephanie Mills 1985
Stephanie Mills Sweet sensation 1980
Stephanie Mills Whatcha gonna do with my lovin 1979
Stephanie Mills Love has lifted me 1982
Stephanie Mills Home 1989
Stephanie Mills Merciless 1983
Stephanie Mills Stephanie 1981
Sterling Harrison Sterling Harrison 1980
Steve Arrington Dancin' in the key of life 1985
Steve Arrington Jam packed 1987
Steve Arrington The jammin' national anthem 1986
Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame I 1983
Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame Positive power 1984
Steve Grossman Perspective 1979
Steve Kuhh Trance 1975
Stevie Wonder Hotter than july 1980
Stevie Wonder In square circle 1985
Stevie Wonder Filfillingness first finale 1974
Stevie Woods Take me to your heaven 1981
Stevie Woods The woman in my life 1982
Stix Hooper Lay it on the line 1989
Stix Hooper The world within 1979
Stix Hooper Touch the feeling 1982
Stomu Yamashta's Go too 1977
Stone City Band Out from the shadow 1983
Stone City Band The boys are back 1981
Strangers Selftitled 1983
Street Corner Symphony Little funk machine 1976
Street Fare Selftitled 1987
Strikers The Strikers 1981
Stroke Selftitled 1985
Stuff Stuff it 1979
Stylistics Fabulous 1976
Stylistics Hurry up this way again 1980
Stylistics In fashion 1978
Subramaniam Blossom 1981
Sugarhill Gang 8th wonder 1981
Sun Eclipse 1984
Sun Force of nature 1981
Sun Let there be sun 1982
Sun Live on, dream on 1976
Sun Sun over the universe 1980
Sun Sun power 1977
Sun Sunburn 1978
Sun Destination sun 1979
Sunfire Sunfire 1982
Sunrize Sunrize 1982
Superior Movement The key to your heart 1982
Surface Surface 1986
Surface 2nd wave 1988
Suttons So good 1984
Suzi Lane Ohh, la , la 1979
Sweat Pea Atkinson Don't walk away 1982
Sweet Band Sweet Band 1980
Sweet Cream & Other Delight Selftitled 1978
Sweet Obsession Selftitled 1988
Sweet Thunder Horizons 1979
Sweet Thunder Selftitled 1978
Sweet Thunder Above the clouds 1976
Switch II 1979
Switch Reaching for tomorrow 1980
Switch Switch 1978
Switch This is my dream 1980
Switch V 1981
Switch Am I still your boyfriend? 1984
Syl Johnson Ms. Fine brown frame 1982
Syl Johnson Uptown shakedown 1978
Sylvers Forever yours 1978
Sylvers New horizons 1977
Sylvers Bizarre 1984
Sylvers Concept 1981
Sylvester All I need 1982
Sylvester Sell my soul 1980
Sylvester Step II 1978
Sylvester Too hot to sleep 1981
Sylvia St.James Echoes & images 1981
Sylvia St.James Magic 1980
Symba Body bait 1980
Syreeta The spell 1983
Syreeta Set my love in motion 1981
Syreeta Syreeta 1980
Syreeta & G.C.Cameron Rich love poor love 1977
System Experiment 1984
System Rhythm and romance 1989
System Sweat 1983
System Don't disturb the groove 1987
T.S.Monk House of music 1980
T.S.Monk Human 1982
T.S.Monk More of good life 1981
T.Ski Valley In the 80's 1984
Taka-Boom Taka-Boom 1979
Tania Maria Made in New York 1985
Tania Maria Love explosion 1984
Tania Maria Come with me 1983
Tania Maria The lady from Brazil 1986
Tasha Thomas Midnight rendezvous 1978
Tashan On the horizon 1989
Tata Vega Full speed ahead 1976
Tata Vega Givin' all my love 1980
Tata Vega Try my love 1978
Tavares Love storm 1977
Tavares Words and music 1983
Tavares Supercharged 1979/80
Tavares Sky high 1976
Tavares New directions 1982
Tavares Love uprising 1980
Tavares Love line 1981
Tavares In the city 1975
Tavares Madam butterfly 1979
Tawatha Welcome to my dream 1987
T-Boy Ross Changes 1979
T-Connection Take it to the limit 1984
T-Connection T-Connection 1978
T-Connection The game of life 1983
T-Connection On fire 1977
T-Connection Everything is cool 1981
T-Connection Magic 1977
T-Connection Totally connected 1979
T-Connection Pure & natural 1982
Tease Selftitled 1983
Tease Selftitled 1986
Teddy Pendergrass Heaven only knows 1983
Teddy Pendergrass Workin' it back 1985
Teddy Pendergrass TP 1980
Teddy Pendergrass Life is a song worth singing 1978
Teddy Pendergrass It's time for love 1981
Teddy Pendergrass Joy 1988
Tee Cee's Disco love bite 1978
Teena Marie Naked to the world 1988
Teena Marie Starchild 1984
Teena Marie Wild and peaceful 1979
Teena Marie Lady T 1980
Teena Marie It must be magic 1981
Teena Marie Emerald city 1986
Teena Marie Iron in the fire 1980
Temptations Surface thrills 1983
Temptations Wings of love 1976
Temptations Truly for you 1984
Temptations Touch me 1985
Temptations Together again 1987
Temptations Do the temptations 1976
Temptations To be continued 1986
Temptations Reunion 1982
Temptations Hear to tempt you 1977
Temptations Selftitled 1981
Temptations Bare back 1978
Temptations All directions 1972
Temptations Power 1980
Terri Wells Just like a dreamin' 1984
Thelma Houston Ready to roll 1978
Thelma Houston The devil in me 1977
Thelma Houston Ride it to the rainbow 1979
Thelma Houston Never gonna be another one 1981
Thelma Houston Break water cat 1980
Thelma Houston Selftitled 1983
Thelonious Monk Underground ????
Third World Sense of purpose 1985
Thomas Buck Nasty Blast-O-Funk 1980
Thomas Escovedo Comin' at ya 1976
Thomas Escovedo Disco fantasy 1977
Three Three 1978
Three Ounces Of love Selftitled 1978
Tierra Together again 1981
Tierra City nights 1980
Tierra Tierra 1975/81
Time Ice cream castle 1984
Time Time 1981
Time What time is it ? 1982
Tito Puente El Rey 1984
TKA Scars of love 1987
T-Life Something that you do to me 1981
T-Life That's life 1978
Tom Browne Browne sugar 1979
Tom Browne Yours truly 1981
Tom Browne Tommy gun 1984
Tom Browne Rockin' radio 1983
Tom Browne No longer I 1988
Tom Browne Love approach 1980
Tom Browne Magic 1981
Tom Scott Street beat 1979
Tom Scott Target 1983
Tom Scott One night one day 1986
Tom Scott Streamlines 1987
Tom Scott Flashpoint 1988
Tom Scott Desire 1982
Tom Scott Apple juice 1981
Tom Scott In L.A. 1975
Tommy Flanagan Something borrowed, something blue 1978
Tommy Flanagan & Hank Jones Our delights 1979
Tomorrow's Edition A song for everyone 1982
Tony Comes & Crosswinds Tony Comes & Crosswinds 1980
Tony Mathews Condition blue 1981
Tony Williams New lifetime believe it 1975
Tony Williams The joy of fluing 1979
Tony Williams Civilization 1987
Tony Wilson Catch one 1979
Touch Of Glass Touch of glass 1979
Tower Of Power Back on the street 1979
Tower Of Power Back to Oakland 1974
Tower Of Power Live and in living colors 1976
Tower Of Power Urban renewal 1974
Trammps III 1977
Trammps Slipping out 1980
Travis Biggs Solar Funk 1979
Tropea Short trip to space 1977
Tropea Selftitled 1975
Trussel Love injection 1980
TTF Today tomorrow forever 1979
TTF Surprice!Surprice! 1981
Twennynine & Lenny White Best of friends 1979
Twennynine & Lenny White Just like a dreamin' 1981
Twennynine & Lenny White Twennynine & Lenny White 1980
Two Tons O'Fun Backatcha 1980
Two Tons O'Fun Selftitled 1980
Tyrese 2000 watts 2001
Tyrone Brunson S-t-i-c-k-y situation 1982/83
Tyrone Davis Can't you tell it's me 1979
Tyrone Davis Selftitled 1982
Tyrone Davis Love and touch 1976
Tyrone Davis I just can't keep om going 1980
Tyrone Davis In the mood 1979
Ullanda Watching you watching me 1982
Ullanda McCollough Love zone 1979
Ullanda McCollough Ullanda 1981
Uncle Louie Uncle Louie's here 1979
Undisputed Truth Law of the land 1973
Undisputed Truth Selftitled 1971
Undisputed Truth Smokin' 1979
Unity Selftitled 1980
Universe City Selftitled 1976
Unlimited Touch Selftitled 1981
Unlimited Touch Yes we're ready 1983
Valentine Brothers Have a good time 1984
Valentine Brothers Selftitled 1979
Van McCoy Love is the answer 1974
Vaneese Thomas Vaneese 1987
Vaughan Mason & Butch Dayo Feel my love 1983
Vee Allen All about love 1983
Venus Dodson Night Rider 1979
Vernon Burch Playing hard to get 1982
Vernon Burch Steppin' out 1980
Vernon Burch I'll be your sunshine 1975
Vernon Burch Brighter days 1978
Vernon Burch Get up 1979
Vivian Reed Ready and waiting 1979
Voltage Brothers The Voltage Bros 1978
Voltage Brothers Throw down 1978
Waldo Love don't grow on trees 1982
Walter Beasley Selftitled 1987
Walter Heath You know your wrong don't cha brother 1974
Walter Jackson Good to see you 1978
Walter Jackson Tell me where it hurts 1981
Walter Jackson Feeling good 1976
Walter Jackson Send in the clowns 1979
Walter Jackson I want to come back as a song 1977
Walter Murphy Band A fifth of Beethoven 1976
Wanda Walden Searchin' for love 1981
War Galaxy 1977
War Life is so strange 1983
War Outlaw 1982
War The music band 2 1979
Wardell Riper Wardell Riper 1979
Warp 9 Fade in fade out 1985/86
Waters Selftitled 1977
Watsonian Institute Master funk 1978
Wax Do you believe in magic 1981
Wax Attack 1980
Wayne Henderson Big daddy's place 1977
Wayne Henderson Emphasized 1979
Wayne Henderson Living on a dream 1978
Weapon of Peace Selftitled 1977
Weather Report Night passage 1980
Weather Report Tale spinnin' 1975
Weather Report Sweetnighter 1973
Weather Report Sportin' life 1985
Weather Report This is this 1986
Weather Report Mysterious traveller 1974
Weather Report Mr.Gone 1978
Weather Report Heavy weather 1977
Weather Report Black market 1976
Weather Report Selftitled 1982
Weather Report Selftitled ????
Webster Lewis Let me be the one 1981
Webster Lewis Touch my love 1978
Webster Lewis 8 for the 80's 1979
Weeks & Co. Selftitled 1983
Whispers Imaginations 1980
Whispers Selftitled 1976
Whispers Whispers in your ear 1979
Whispers Whispers 1979
Whispers This kind of lovin' 1981
Whispers So good 1984
Whispers Open up your love 1977
Whispers More of the night 1990
Whispers Love for love 1983
Whispers Headlights 1978
Whispers Love is where you find it 1981
Wilbert Longmire Champagne 1979
Wilbert Longmire Sunny side up 1978
Wild Cherry Only the wild will survive 1979
Wild Cherry I love my music 1978
Wild Cherry Electrified funk 1977
Will Clayton Never too late 1989
Will Downing Selftitled 1988
William Bell Coming back for more 1977
William Bell Passion 1985
William Bell Survivor 1983
Willie Bobo Tomorrow is here 1977
Willie Hutch Havin' a house party 1977
Willie Hutch Ode to my lady 1975
Willie Hutch In tune 1978
Willie Hutch Fully Exposed 1973
Willie Hutch Concert in blues 1976
Willie Hutch Midnight dancer 1979
Willis Jackson Plays with feeling 1976
Willis Jackson The way we were 1975
Wilson Pickett A funky situation 1978
Wilson Pickett American soul man 1987
Wilson Pickett I want you 1979
Wilson Pickett Right track 1981
Wilton Felder Inherit the wind 1980
Wilton Felder We all have a star 1978
Wilton Felder Gentle Fire 1983
Wilton Felder Secrets 1985
Wilton Felder Love is a rush 1987
Windjammer II 1984
Windjammer III 1985
Windjammer Selftitled 1982
Winners Winners 1978
Withney Houston Selftitled 1985
Withney Houston Withney 1987
Womack & Womack Love wars 1983
Wood Brass & Steel Selftitled 1976
Woody Shaw Rose Wood 1978
Woody Shaw United 1981
Wootens Selftitled 1985
Wornell Jones Selftitled 1979
Wreckin' Crew Pixie dust ????
Wynd Chymes Arrival 1982
Wynd Chymes Pretty girls everywhere 1983
Wyton Marsalis Think of one 1983
Xavier Point of pleasure 1981/82
Yarbrough & People Heartbeats 1983
Yarbrough & People The two of us 1980
Yarbrough & People Be a winner 1984
Yarbrough & People Guilty 1985
Yates Brothers & Sisters Electricity 1982
Yates Brothers & Sisters YBS 1979
Yellowjackets Four corners 1987
Yellowjackets Mirage a trois 1983
Yellowjackets Politics 1988
Yellowjackets Samurai samba 1985
Yellowjackets Selftitled 1981
Yellowjackets Shades 1986
Young & Company I like what you're doing to me 1980
Yusef Lateef Club date 1976
Yusef Lateef In a temple garden 1979
Yusef Lateef Little symphony 1987
Zafra Z for Zafra ????
Zager Selftitled 1980
Zapp II 1982
Zapp III 1983
Zapp IV 1985
Zapp Zapp 1980
Zenith Freedom vibrations 1981
Zinc Street level 1982
Zinga Zinga 1982
Zoom Saturday night 1981
Zoom Blasting off 1983